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z/OS Performance and Tuning


Duration: 5.0 days

Method: Instructor led, Hands-on workshops

Price: $3250.00

Course Code: MF5070


Systems programmers and performance analysts that need a better understanding of performance management, performance metrics, and the means for defining resource distribution using Workload Manager (WLM)


This course provides the fundamentals of z/OS performance management for systems programmers and performance analysts. Specific topics will focus on the basics of performance management, resources components that are affected, and the workload manager definitions that will be used to assign resources according to priorities. In addition, exercises related to problem diagnosis and tuning adjustments will be used to illustrate the effects of various decisions.




  • I.Performance Management Overview
    • Define elements of performance tuning
    • Examine basic queuing models
    • Interpret results of queuing theory models
  • II.System Components of Tuning: Processor
    • Evaluate processor power ratings
    • Examine key processor metrics
    • Review data gathering methods for processor metrics
  • III.System Components of Tuning: Memory
    • Review paging/swapping mechanism
    • Examine real, expanded, and auxiliary storage metrics
    • Review data gathering methods for storage metrics
  • IV.System Components of Tuning: I/O
    • Review I/O subsystem components
    • Examine I/O metrics
    • Review data gathering methods for I/O metrics
  • V.Workload Characterization
    • Review processes for grouping comparable workloads
    • Establishing workload objectives
  • VI.Managing System Resources
    • Service class definitions:
      • Importance levels
      • Execution velocity
      • Response time goals
      • Performance Index
      • Classification rules
    • Setting exception conditions
      • Resource groups
      • CPU/storage critical settings