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Xpediter / CICS Debugging Version 8.2 and 8.0


Duration: 3 Days

Method: Instructor led, Hands-on workshops

Price: $1625.00

Course Code: XP1020


Application developers, mainframe support staff, and systems programmers.


XPEDITER/CICS is a debugging tool that lets you analyze, test and debug CICS applications running in a CICS environment. You will learn how to view and alter test profiles, interrupt a running program and examine storage, step through a program line-by-line, animate program execution, restart program execution at a different instruction, trace logic flow, bypass unnecessary program code, monitor, display and modify program variable contents, and more.This course uses a variety of CICS COBOL programs to illustrate the debugging of various abends and logic errors, including CICS programs with START, LINK, XCTL, and triggered CICS programs. This course focuses on debugging and analyzing COBOL/CICS applications. It is written for Xpediter/CICS Release 8.2. Earlier releases are also available.Lecture and extensive hands-on workshops reinforce the lectures and demonstrations.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Compile programs for use with XPEDITER/CICS
  • Use XPEDITER to analyze and debug CICS programs, ranging from simple ASRA (S0C7) abends to more complicated abends involving LINKed programs, XCTLed programs, non-terminal STARTed tasks and non-terminal triggered programs started from DCT triggers and MQ triggers
  • Use XPEDITER/CICS primary and line commands to: set breakpoints, examine and modify data, alter program logic, troubleshoot program errors, analyze the execution of your programs, and more
  • Use XPED and XPSP transactions to trouble shoot errors and follow program logic
  • Setup and use test scripts


Students need to be able to use TSO and JCL and write COBOL/CICS applications.


  • I. XPEDITER/CICS Features and Facilities
      • Three restricted and one unrestricted mode
    • XPEDITER/CICS Support
      • Types of Debugging
    • Debugging Transactions
      • XPED, XPRT, XPSP
    • Abend-AID vs. XPEDITER
    • Compile Process
  • II. Preparing Your Environment to Use Xpediter
    • Utilities primary menu (Option 5)
    • Region size message
    • List allocates screen
    • DDIO file facility
  • III. Preparing Your CICS Program to Use Xpediter
    • Setting Defaults
    • Session Profile
    • PF Keys
    • Create New Profile
    • Save New Profile
  • IV. Basic XPEDITER Debugging Session
    • XPEDITER Primary Menu
    • Starting the debugging session
    • First Abend
    • Changing Data
    • Setting Breakpoints
    • Running Your Program
    • Breakpoint Reached
    • ASRA Abend
    • Go Around an Abend
    • Skip a Line
    • Ending the debugging session
      • Log dataset browse screen
      • Log dataset disposition screen
      • Test script dataset edit screen
      • Script dataset disposition screen
  • V. Preparing Your Program
    • Program preparation menu (Option 1)
    • Xpediter changes to the compile process
    • Convert existing compile JCL
    • Compile facility alternative, for generating compile
    • JCL
    • General settings
      • Compile settings
      • Db2 precompile settings
      • CICS translation settings
      • Linkedit settings
      • Bind facility and DBRM libraries panel
  • VI. Essential Debugging Commands
    • Break Point and Logic Commands
      • COUNT
      • GO
      • SKIP
      • TRACE
      • RETEST
    • Inserting Instructions
      • INSERT
      • PAUSE
      • GOTO
    • Program Variable Commands
      • Monitoring and altering data
      • SET KEEP
      • MOVE
    • UTILITY Commands
      • HELP
      • INCLUDE
      • LOG
      • SET
      • SHOW
      • TSO
  • VII. XPEDITER with Non-Terminal STARTed
    • Tasks
    • Student Setup
    • Compile and NEWC vs. CEMT NEWCOPY
    • Set Breakpoints
    • Trap Summary
    • Run Transaction
    • TS QUEUEs
    • Edit a TS QUEUE
    • Continue Running Program
    • View File Contents
    • Write New Record
    • List Existing Breakpoints
    • Cleanup
    • Remote Abends
    • Student Setup
    • Abend with a START, TS Queue, and VSAM File
    • Rerun without Break in Started Task
    • Testing with XPSP
  • VIII. XPEDITER with MQs and DCT Queues
    • Student Setup
    • Compile and NEWCOPY
    • Turn On the MQ Trigger
    • MQ Breakpoints
    • List of CSECTS
    • Monitor Exceptions
    • MQ ABEND
    • RESUME
    • The Abend
    • View the Dataset
    • Abend Bulletin
    • Abend List
    • Cleanup
  • IX. Scripts
    • Typical uses of scripts
    • Designing and writing Scripts
    • Using the log to create a script
  • X. How to Debug Various Types of Programs and Abends
    • General recommendations for commands before GO
    • Advanced Xpediter commands
    • Handling different types of abends
    • Breakpoints in XCTLed, LINKed, and
      • dynamically Called Tasks
    • Breakpoints in STARTed Tasks
    • Breakpoints in DCT Triggered Tasks
    • Breakpoints in MQ Series Tasks
    • Breakpoints in Called/Linked Tasks