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XML Overview and XML Schemas


Duration: 2 Days

Method: Instructor led, Hands-on workshops

Price: $1125.00

Course Code: XM1026


This course is designed for application developers who wish to learn the details of XML and XML Schemas.


Are you looking for a detailed examination of XML and its related technologiesincluding how to use XML Schemas in your organization? This is the course for you!

You will learn about well formed and valid XML documents, validation of XML documents, XML namespaces, DOM and SAX parsers, using XPath to filter data with a DOM parser, and XSL/XSLT processing. You will also gain detailed knowledge of XML schemas. Finally, the new popular technology based on XML called, AJAX is introduced and its use in silent updates in the browser is demonstrated.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Explain the differences between DTD and XML Schemas
  • Use namespaces with XML Schemas
  • Create simple and complex types in XML Schemas
  • Define elements and attributes in XML Schemas
  • List predefined data types for XML Schemas
  • Define data types in XML Schemas using restrictions
  • Utilize inheritance in XML Schemas
  • Describe the basics of DOM and SAX parsers
  • Describe the basics of XPath and XSLT


Some programming in any language.


  • I. Quick XML Basic Review
    • Motivation for using XML
    • Well formed XML documents
    • Attributes vs. Elements
    • Entity References
    • Rules for naming XML elements and attributes
    • Valid XML documents
    • DTDs and XML validation
  • II. DOM and SAX Parsers
    • DOM object model review
    • Document Element and childNodes collections
    • Retrieving element values and attributes from an
    • XML document received over the web
    • DOM Parser limitations.
    • Motivation for SAX
  • III. XPath Processing using DOM
    • XPath review
    • Issuing XPath queries and selecting nodes in a DOM Parser
  • IV. XML Namespaces
    • Named and default namespaces
  • V. XSL and XSLT Processing
    • XSL fundamentals.
    • Combining XSL and XSLT to transform XML
    • documents into XHTML
  • VI. AJAX – Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
    • Processing of XML documents using
    • XMLHttpRequest Silent update of data on the client-side
  • VII. XML Schemas
    • Schemas vs DTDs
    • Schema fundamentals
    • Handling Namespaces with Schemas
    • XSD Simple Types
    • XSD Complex Types
    • XSD Elements
    • XSD Attributes
    • XSD Restrictions
    • Schema Data Types - XSD String, XSD Date, XSD
    • Numeric, XSD Misc
    • XSD Empty
    • XSD Elements Only
    • XSD Text Only
    • XSD Mixed
    • XSD Indicators, XSD <any>, XSD <anyAttribute>
    • XSD Substitution.
    • XSD Summary
    • XSD Reference
    • Creating sub types with schemas.
    • Schema examples.
    • Validating of XML documents with schemas.