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Working with Ansible


Duration: 2 Days

Method: Instructor-led, Hands-on workshops

Price: $1125.00

Course Code: DO1023


Developers and developer teams looking to learn to leverage the Ansible configuration management system.


The Ansible Fundamentals course demonstrates the flexibility and power of the Ansible configuration management system, and how it can be used to build and scale highly reliable infrastructure environments and projects. The course begins by using real-world examples to demonstrate how Ansible can be used to manage environments as small as a couple of servers, or for massively distributed infrastructure that spans the globe — all with the same simple syntax. Next, students will have hands-on experience building a reliable and easily reproducible infrastructure using Ansible. The course concludes with a lesson on integrating Ansible into the operations workflow.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Utilize Ansible to remotely administer servers
  • Create Ansible Playbooks to build repeatable configurations
  • Manage inventories of machines
  • Write custom Ansible modules
  • Utilize roles to modularize your Ansible playbooks
  • Leverage Ansible Vault to protect deployment secrets


Basic understanding of Linux/Unix system concepts and familiarity with Command Line Interface (CLI).


  • I. Introduction to Ansible
    • What is Devops?
    • What is Ansible?
    • Comparison with other automation tools
  • II. Vagrant Overview
  • III. Inventorying Your Infrastructure
    • What is Hosts Inventory?
    • Hosts and Groups
    • Host/Group Variables
    • Dynamic Inventory
  • IV. Building Patterns
    • Grouping Hosts with Patterns
    • Ansible Host Patterns & Roles
    • Building Patterns
  • V. Ad Hoc Server Management
  • VI. Tasks & Commands
    • Running one time tasks/commands
    • Running commands in parallel
  • VII. File Transfer
  • VIII. Managing Packages
  • IX. Managing Users
  • X. Deploying from Source Control
  • XI. Managing Services
  • XII. Playbooks – The Real Magic
    • Introduction to Ansible Playbooks
    • Plays
    • Tasks
    • Actions
    • Modules
  • XIII. Roles for Modularizing Code
    • Playbook Roles and Include Statements
    • Directory Layout for Modules
    • Notifications and Handlers
  • XIV. Writing a Simple Module to Install a Web Server
  • XV. Variables
    • Variables and Templates
    • Variables and Facts
    • Variable Precedence
    • Registered Variables
  • XVI. Metadata
  • XVII. Static Contents Explosion
  • XVIII. Templates
    • Using Dynamic Content with Templates
    • Templates Overview
  • XIX. Jinja
  • XX. Modules
    • Modules Deep Dive
    • What are Ansible Modules
    • Types of Modules
    • Writing Modules