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Using File-Aid/Online


Duration: 3 days

Method: Instructor led, Hands-on workshops

Price: $1625.00

Course Code: MF1060


Application programmers, system programmers, technical support, and testers.


This course will introduce students to the skills necessary to the File-AID for MVS product from Compuware Corporation. A series of lab exercises will be used to reinforce the classroom education.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Use File-AID to browse and edit standard MVS file types (including VSAM).
  • Apply a COBOL or PL/I layout to a dataset and reformat the layout as required.
  • Build and apply selection criteria to specify the records to be accessed within a dataset.
  • Populate a dataset by copying or extracting data from sequential or VSAM datasets.
  • Reformat existing record layouts to generate new datasets.
  • Use File-AID to compare datasets.
  • Modify File-AID system parameters as required.


Introduction to MVS/ESA, or equivalent experience, TSO/ISPF, or equivalent experience. A working knowledge of COBOL or PL/1 programming techniques is helpful, but not required. A working knowledge of VSAM datasets is helpful, but not required.


  • I.Introduction
    • Features of File-AID
    • Setting File-AID Parameters
  • II.File-AID Browse Facility
    • Specifying Member List Criteria
    • Dataset Name Masking
    • Browse Display Modes
    • File-AID Browse Commands
    • Browsing Keyed Datasets
  • III.Using Selection Criteria
    • Creating Temporary Selection Criteria
    • Using Selection Criteria
    • Quick Select Criteria
    • Saving Selection Criteria
    • Using Existing Criteria
    • Modifying Existing Criteria
  • IV.File-AID Edit Facility
    • Edit Modes
    • Editing in Character and Vertical Formatted Mode
    • Editing in Formatted Mode
    • Edit Profiles
    • Editing Keyed Datasets
    • Update in Place Restrictions
  • V.File-AID Utility Functions
    • Library Utility
    • Data Set Utility
    • Copy Utility
    • Catalog Utility
    • VSAM Utility
    • Search/Update Utility
    • VTOC Utility
  • VI.Using XREFs
    • Creating a Single Layout XREF
    • Creating Multiple Layout XREFs
    • Using XREFs
    • Segmented Records
    • Creating XREFs for Segmented Records
  • VII.Miscellaneous File-AID Functions
    • Print Function
    • View Record Layouts Function
  • VIII.Reformat Function
    • Creating Reformat Definitions
    • Executing Reformat Definitions
  • IX.Compare Function
    • Comparing Datasets
    • Extended Compare Options