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Using File Manager for DB2


Duration: 1 Day

Method: Instructor-Led. Hands-on Workshops.

Price: $600.00

Course Code: MF1023


Application programmers, system programmers, technical support, and testers.


This course will also introduce students to the skills necessary to use File Manager for Db2 (FM/Db2).


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Navigate FM/Db2 panels.
  • Edit, find, change, and delete Db2 data.
  • List, create and drop Db2 objects such as databases, tables, and views.
  • Import and export Db2 tables and data from and to VSAM or sequential data sets.
  • Use FM/Db2 to generate JCL to run Db2 online utilities.
  • Create data to populate Db2 tables.
  • Copy table data within Db2.
  • Set processing options for FM/Db2.


TSO/ISPF, or equivalent experience. Working knowledge of basic Db2 concepts. Working knowledge of COBOL or PL/I programming techniques is helpful, but not required.


  • I. Introduction to File Manage/Db2
    • Features of FM/Db2
    • Setting FM/Db2 Parameters
  • II. View and Editing Db2 Data
    • Field Patterns
    • Limiting Row Selection
    • View Display Modes
    • File Manager Browse Commands
    • Exporting Data
    • Edit Modes
    • Editing in TABL Mode
    • Editing in SNGL Mode
    • Unsupported ISPF Commands
    • New FM/Db2 Edit Commands
    • Edit Session Options
    • Editing Related Tables
  • III. Using Templates
    • Creating Templates
    • Saving Templates
    • Using Existing Templates
    • Modifying Existing Templates
  • IV. Utility Functions
    • Print Db2 Table or View
    • Create and Drop Db2 Objects
    • Copy Data Within Db2
    • Display and Process Db2 Object Lists
    • Manage Db2 Privileges
    • Db2 Utility Job Generation
    • Import Sequential or VSAM Data into Db2
    • Export Db2 Data to Sequential or VSAM Data Set
    • Create Db2 Test Data
  • V. FM/Db2 Processing Options
  • VI. Prototyping, Executing, and analyzing SQL
  • VII. Using Db2 Interactive
  • VIII. Template Utilities