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Testing REST Services in AWS


Duration: 1 Day

Method: Hands-On, Instructor-Led

Price: $450.00

Course Code: AW1002


Q/A engineers needing to support service-based solutions running in a cloud environment.


The focus is on helping Quality Engineers / Quality Assurance Engineers successfully make the transition from a traditional, data-center development - testing - production environment, to a cloud-based environment.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe the differences between data-server based environments and cloud-based environments
  • Create, manage, and log into an AWS AMI defined image
  • Describe the principles, methods, and philosophies around REST services
  • Understand the structure and capabilities of the HTTP protocol
  • Implement various tests using tools like: TestNG, POSTMan, Selenium ,RestClient, and others


This course assumes students are experienced with developing test plans and testing strategies, implementing tests using Java and JavaScript, and choosing the correct tool for the level of testing.


  • I. Session One: Overview of Web Services Testing – 2 hours
  • II. Introduction to SOA What is SOA?
    • Motivations, differences, and principles of SOA
    • Common infrastructure components that enable a SOA solution
  • III. Introduction to the Cloud
    • What is Cloud?
    • What is AWS?
    • Difference between AWS and Intuit Data Center / Cloud
  • IV. Introduction to Web Services
    • Overview of Web Services
    • Common implementation strategies for Web Services (SOAP, REST, etc.)
    • REST Web Services concepts
    • REST Architectural principles
    • Mechanics of HTTP
    • Understanding JSON
  • V. Session Two: AWS Quick Start
  • VI. Introduction to AWS
    • Basic AWS Administration concepts (AMI, instance creation, start / stop, duplicating, etc.)
    • Advanced AWS concepts (auto-scaling, H/A settings, load balancing, etc.)
  • VII. Common AWS Tools
    • Chef quick start
    • Cloud Formation
    • Cloud Watch
    • Monitoring with Splunk and New Relic
  • VIII. Deploying a Web Services to AWS
    • Packaging
    • Deploying
    • Testing availability with a browser
  • IX. Session Three: Testing on AWS
  • X. Testing Concepts
    • REST Web Service Testing Strategies
    • Simple REST testing tools
    • Configuring CURL to invoke REST calls
    • Browser based testing with Postman
    • Debugging with Firebug / Chrome Tools
  • XI. Executing Tests on AWS
    • Application Level Testing
    • Unit Testing with Mocha
    • Functional testing using Selenium and Selenium Web Driver
    • Services Testing
    • Unit Testing with TestNG & jUnit & JMockit
    • Functional Testing with RestAssured
    • Executing CI / CD with Maven and Jenkins
    • Executing tests using Maven
    • Kicking off a CI test with Jenkins
    • Performance Testing with JMeter