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Structured Systems Analysis and Design


Duration: 3 days

Method: Instructor led, Hands-on workshops

Price: $1625.00

Course Code: MF2000


Structured Systems Analysis and Design is intended for information systems professionals who are involved in the analysis of needs and the definition of systems.


The ANALYSIS PORTION presents the MAJOR Structured System Analysis TOOLS used to improve the requirements definition/analysis activities of a project - Data Flow Diagrams, Data Dictionary, Processing Specifications, Data Structure Diagrams. The STRUCTURED ANALYSIS WORKSHOP sessions provide opportunities to practice the use of these major tools. The DESIGN PORTION of the class discusses the use of (the major Structured System Design tool) the Structure Chart. Two STRATEGIES are discussed for developing Structure Charts based on Data Flow Diagrams (Transaction- and Transform-Centered). Several QUALITY standards are discussed for determining the “correctness” of a Structure Chart. A STRUCTURED DESIGN WORKSHOP is used to practice developing Structure Charts; and determine of their “correctness”.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Discuss how Structured Systems Analysis overcomes the shortcomings of the “classical” systems development
  • List the tools of Structured Analysis and describe their use
  • Develop Data Flow Diagrams and describe their components
  • Define different system components in the Data Dictionary
  • Document system needs in a Structured Specification
  • Revise and refine Structure Charts
  • List and describe the quality standards for Structure Charts
  • Determine Case Study quality using “Goodness” Criteria
  • List the major considerations of Packaging, Implementation, Optimization, and Management


Familiarity with Systems Analysis is helpful but not required.


  • I.Structured Systems Analysis - Overview
    • Why “Structured” Systems Analysis?
    • The Structured (Systems) Specification (Document)
    • The Tools of Structured Analysis
  • II.Data Flow Diagrams (Flow of Data)
  • III.Processing Specifications (Mini-Specs)
  • IV.Data Dictionary (Definition of Terms)
    • Case Study - Structured Analysis
  • V.Management
  • VI.Structured Design - Overview
    • Why “Structured” Systems Design?
    • Graphic Tools
  • VII.Tools - The Structure Chart
  • VIII.Qualities of a Good Design
    • Case Study - Structured Design
  • IX.Transform Analysis/Transaction Analysis
  • X.Implementation
    • Packaging
    • Implementation
    • Optimization
  • XI.Management Aspects of the Structured Approach
    • Case Study - Structured Design
  • XII.Case Study
    • Case Study - Structured Design
    • Case Study - Presentation
  • XIII.Appendix – Structure Summary
    • Walkthroughs: Guidelines & Checklist
    • Structure Chart Symbols
    • Structured Design