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Stored Procedure Options on Db2 for z/OS


Duration: 4.0 days

Method: Instructor led, Hands-on workshops

Price: $2600.00

Course Code: DB1020


Database Administrators and Application Developers who will be setting up the Stored Procedures environment on the Db2 for z/OS platform as well as calling and/or coding stored procedures in the Db2 z/OS environment.


This course presents coding and administration requirements for implementing Db2 Stored Procedures on Db2 for z/OS. Both external (COBOL) and native SQL Procedure Language Stored Procedures are covered.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Understand the Stored Procedures Environment and setup requirements to implement stored procedures
  • Code and test Db2 for z/OS Stored Procedures using COBOL
  • Code and test a Stored Procedure Calling Program
  • Use IBM Data Studio to code an SQL PL Stored Procedure
  • Understand the two types of Global Temporary Tables and their use with Stored Procedures
  • Understand the major Performance Considerations for Db2 z/OS Stored Procedures


DB1010 Db2 for z/OS SQL & Application Programming. Working knowledge of COBOL and SQL.


  • I. Introduction to Stored Procedures
    • Distributed Processing
    • Stored Procedures Solutions
    • Architecture
    • Installation Considerations
    • WLM-Established Stored Procedures Address Spaces
    • Enabling Stored Procedures After Installation
    • Stored Procedures Run-time Environment
    • Administrator Tasks
    • zIIP Elligibility
    • Using Commands
  • II. External COBOL Stored Procedures
    • Parameter Passing Stored Procedures
      • Writing and Preparing COBOL Stored Procedures
      • Invoking Stored Procedures
      • Defining Your Procedure to Db2
      • Calling Simple COBOL Stored Procedures
    • Result Set Passing Stored Procedures
      • Improved Functionality with Result Sets
      • Requirements for Returning Result Sets
      • How to Write Applications That Receive Result Sets
    • Coding calling programs in COBOL
  • III. Native SQL Procedure Language (SQL PL) Stored Procedures
    • Introduction to Data Studio
      • Managing Database Connections
      • Coding Stored Procedures
      • Deploying Stored Procedures
    • SQL PL
      • CREATE PROCEDURE Statement
      • Bind Options
      • Declaring SQL Variables
      • Procedural Statements in SQL
      • Creating Result Sets
      • Calling Another Stored Procedure
      • Retrieving a Result Set
    • Debugging with the Unified Debugger
  • IV. Global Temporary Tables
    • Created Temporary Tables
    • Declared Temporary Tables
    • Using Temporary Tables to Hold Result Sets
  • V. Stored Procedure Performance
    • Workload Manager Address Space Considerations
    • Block / Multi Row Fetch with Stored Procedures
    • Distributed Data Facility & Network Issues
    • Efficient SQL