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Site Owner - SharePoint 2016


Duration: 1 day

Method: Instructor Led, Hands-on

Price: $450.00

Course Code: SH2004


This class is for existing SharePoint site users who will create and manage a SharePoint site.


Students will learn how to create, configure, and manage a SharePoint Team Site so that their organization can share information and collaborate effectively.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Navigate a SharePoint 2016 Team Site.
  • Create and edit web page content.
  • Create site columns and content types.
  • Integrate Office applications with SharePoint 2016.
  • Manage basic permissions of SharePoint 2016 resources.


  • I. Working with Sites
    • Site Templates
    • Creating Sites
    • Creating a Team Site
    • Site Navigation
    • Managing Site Navigation
    • Labs:
      • Creating Team Sites
      • Creating a Meeting Workspace
      • Creating a Blog Site
  • II. Page Content
    • Wiki Library Pages
    • Editing the Team Site Home Page
    • Web Part Pages
    • Creating a Web Part Page
    • Working with Web Parts
    • Adding Web Parts to Pages
    • Labs:
      • Working with Wiki Pages
      • Working with Web Part Pages and Web Parts
  • III. Forms Library
    • Creating a Forms Library
    • Creating InfoPath Forms
    • Create a Form with Microsoft InfoPath Designer
    • Publishing InfoPath Forms to SharePoint
    • Publish Custom InfoPath Form
    • Lab:
      • Creating and Publishing InfoPath Forms
  • IV. Site Columns and Content Types
    • Site Column Gallery
    • Explore the Site Column Gallery
    • Creating Site Columns
    • Create a Custom Site Column
    • Add a Site Column to a List
    • Site Content Type Gallery
    • Explore the Site Content Types Gallery
    • Creating Content Types
    • How to Create and Use Content Type
    • Labs:
      • Creating and Working with Content Types
      • Adding a Content Type to a Library
  • V. Managing SharePoint Site Permissions
    • SharePoint Groups
    • Assigning Permissions
    • Permission Levels
    • Permissions Inheritance
    • Understand SharePoint groups
    • Lab:
      • Working with SharePoint Permissions
  • VI. Participating in User Communities
    • Configure User Profiles and My Sites
    • Newsfeeds
    • People Newsfeeds
    • Documents Newsfeed
    • Sites Newsfeed
    • Tags Newsfeed
    • Managing Personal Sites
    • Lab:
      • Managing and Viewing Personal Information and Content