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Single Page Applications


Duration: 5 Days

Method: Instructor-led, Hands-on

Price: $2950.00

Course Code: JA1070


This course is designed for JavaScript developers who are looking to build Single Page Applications using Angular.


Single page applications (SPAs) are the modern way to design web applications. In an SPA, the server sends the initial HTML markup and the Javascript to the user. Later interactions from the user request the data from the server using Ajax calls. The server returns the data via RESTful services in JSON format, and the javascript on the client side renders the data. The key to building a proper SPA is the use of well designed Web API on the server side and use of efficient rendering javascript libraries such as AngularJS on the client side. This course covers the proper creation of restful services from an SPA perspective using Web API and the key concepts in JQuery and AngularJS in rendering the data obtained from the services. Best design practices in creating SPAs are demonstrated through sample applications.


Some programming background in C# and some knowledge of Javascript.


  • I. Review of REST and WebApi fundamentals
    • Http protocol and different Http verbs
    • REST basics and RESTful services vs. WebApi architecture
    • Understanding URL routing in WebApi
    • HTTP Status Codes
    • Creating basic WebApi services that support CRUD operations
    • Consuming WebApi via AJAX using JQuery
  • II. Asynchronous Programming in WebApi
    • Task-Based Asynchronous Pattern, Continuations, Errors, and Task Status Composition
    • Use of Asynchronous programming in WebApi clients
  • III. Security in WebAPi
    • Basic security in WebApi services
    • Implementing Role based security in WebApi. OAuth, Token based authentication
  • IV. Single Page Application Fundamentals
    • Creating a service for an SPA
    • Creating the initial multipage view using HTML and JQuery
    • Requesting data from the service using Ajax, rendering the data inside the SPA frame using JQuery
  • V. Improved SPA Design Using AngularJS
    • Fundamental concepts of AngularJS, controllers, models and views
    • Databinding and synchronizing of data between model, controllers and view components
    • Making Ajax calls using AngularJS
  • VI. Enhancing an SPA
    • Directives in AngularJS
    • Use of templates and routing
    • Deep linking and dependency injection
  • VII. SPA Shopping Application Development
    • Creating medium complexity shopping application
    • Deciding on the services architecture
    • Creating a responsive client using AngularJS for the shopping application
    • Securing the SPA.
  • VIII. SPA for Student Registration
    • Design of a student registration system using a proper SPA architecture