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SAFe Advanced Scrum Master


Duration: 2 Days

Method: Instructor-Led

Price: $1200.00

Course Code: AG1071


Scrum Masters, team leads, facilitators, managers, Agile coaches


This course explores some of the more advanced and challenging agile topics facing teams and servant leaders today. This course advances individuals expertise and practical ability in enabling and facilitating Agile/Scrum teams in the enterprise environment. Integrated practices for facilitating teams in larger Agile programs and approaches to keeping scrum practices fresh and relevant through the process of continuous improvement are also provided in this course. Take your Scrum Master skills to the next level while developing potential solutions to the challenges that you and your teams are facing with likeminded individuals in this highly interactive workshop.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Agile and Scrum anti-patterns
  • SAFeĀ® framework, values, and Lean-Agile principles
  • Quality engineering, Agile architecture, and DevOps practices
  • Program increment planning, execution, and Inspect and Adapt workshops
  • Kanban for facilitating team and program flow of work
  • Building high-performing teams
  • Interaction with the system team, deployment, UX, architects, product owners, product management, and business owners
  • Learning and Communities of Practice


Prior attendance in Leading SAFe or SAFe for Teams class is recommended.


  • I. Exploring the Scrum Master Role
    • Explore the Scrum Master Challenges in the Enterprise
    • SAFe Fundamentals
    • Scrum Master Connections in the Framework
  • II. Applying the SAFe Principles as Scrum Masters Perspective
    • Taking an Economic View
    • Applying Systems Thinking
    • Assuming Variability and Preserving Options
    • Build Incrementally with Integrated Learning
    • Base Milestones on Objective Evaluations of Working Systems
    • Visualize and Limit WIP, Smaller Batches and Managing Queue Lengths
    • Applying Cadence
    • Unlocking Intrinsic Motivation
    • Decentralize Decision Making
  • III. Exploring Agile and Scrum Anti-Patterns
    • Anti-Patterns Associated with the Product Owner
    • Stories and tasks that lead to Anti-Patterns
    • Anti-Patterns in your Environment
  • IV. Facilitating Program Execution
    • Synchronizing Development with the ART
    • Organize Teams on the Train
    • Plan the Program Increment
    • Execute the Program Increment
    • Participate in Inspect and Adapt
    • Release Value on Demand
    • Prepare for the Next PI Planning Session
  • V. Improving Flow with Kanban and XP
    • Building the Kanban Board
    • Measure and Optimize Flow
    • Build Quality IN
    • Foster Engineering Craftsmanship
    • Facilitate Collaboration with Architects, System Team, and Operations
  • VI. Building High Performing Teams
    • Foster Collaboration on the Team
    • Facilitate Cross Team Collaboration
    • Create Forward Momentum
    • Build Trust with Stakeholders
    • Develop Team Skill Set
    • Build an Improvement Roadmap
  • VII. Improving Program Performance with Inspect and Adapt
    • Explore the Inspect and Adapt Process
    • Apply Problem Solving Workshops