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React and Redux with TypeScript


Duration: 2 Days

Method: Instructor led, Hands-on workshops

Price: $1125.00

Course Code: RE1021


This training course teaches students how to get started with React and Redux.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Learn to understand the purpose of Redux
  • Learn to build a real-world Redux-React component
  • Learn routing methods
  • Learn to apply async methods


1-2 years of JavaScript experience. Advanced understanding of JavaScript, including prototypes and functions as first class citizens


  • I. Setup
    • Verifying Node.js and NPM or Yarn
    • Verifying class libraries
    • Verifying class files
    • Verifying TypeScript Setup
      • Configuring TypeScript
      • Solving TSLint issues
      • Development vs Production IDE (WebStorm or Visual Studio Code preferred)
  • II. Introduction to Redux
    • What problems does Redux solve?
    • How does it solve them?
    • Basic Redux pattern
      • Store
      • Reducers
      • Actions
    • A basic Redux example
    • Testing Redux
    • Complex actions with Redux
  • III. React and Redux
    • Plugging into React
      • State as props
      • Events as dispatch
      • Introducing higher-order components
    • Turning standalone Redux into a component
    • Middleware
      • The logger
      • The devtools
      • Other middleware
    • Building a real-world React-Redux component
    • Testing React-Redux components
    • Higher-order components in detail
      • What do higher-order components do?
      • Why would I use a higher-order component?
  • IV. Asynchronous Redux
    • The difficulties of asynchronous Redux
    • Asynchronous middleware
      • Thunks, sagas, or survey both techniques for asynchronous interactions
    • Dispatching async actions
    • Catching results
    • Handling errors
    • Testing asynchronous Redux
  • V. Advanced Redux
    • Using reselect to minimize re-rendering
    • Normalizing state
    • Higher-order reducers
    • Helper libraries
  • VI. React, Redux, and routing
    • The tools
      • React, Redux, React-router and an adapter
    • Routing without Redux
    • Storing routing state in Redux
    • Pulling routing state from Redux
    • Testing Redux and the router