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Duration: 2 Days

Method: Instructor led, Hands-on workshops

Price: $1125.00

Course Code: DO1030


System administrators and DevOps engineers looking to adopt Puppet.


The Introduction to Puppet training course is a gentle, hands-on introduction to the IT Automation / DevOps tool Puppet. The course provides not only an introduction to IT automation concepts, it also explores how to automate your current infrastructure with Puppet. During the course you explore how to manage installed packages, schedule jobs, and even automate configurations.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Create a list on how to use Puppet in your current environment
  • Install Puppet
  • Review and run resources
  • Use Puppet parser validate before commits
  • Use the Trifecta (package/file/service)
  • Convert a program into a module
  • Use external modules
  • Understand, at a high level, environments, parameterized classes, content temp


  • I. What is Puppet?
    • Overview of IT Automation concepts and motivations
    • Common IT Automation tools
    • Overview of Puppet
    • Installing and configuring puppet
  • II. Core Puppet resources
    • What is a resource?
    • Defining resources
  • III. The Puppet Trifecta Packages
    • Services
    • Files
  • IV. Puppet Modules
    • What is a module
    • Converting a program into a module
    • Working with External Modules
  • V. Working with Puppet
    • Understanding the Puppet Master and Agents
    • Site manifests
    • Environments
    • Parameterized classes
    • Content templates
    • Resource types
  • VI. Q/A