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Oracle Database Multitenant Architecture


Duration: 3 Days

Method: Instructor-led. Hands-on Workshops

Price: $1920.00

Course Code: OR5530


Database Administrators and Oracle Support Personnel


In this 3 day course the student will explore the multitenant architecture and the usage of pluggable databases (PDBs) in multitenant container databases (CDBs).


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Understand core concepts of PDBs.
  • Create a CDB, and then using different methods to create PDBs.
  • Understand how to start and shut down a CDB and how to open and close a PDB.
  • Understand security aspects in CDBs and PDBs in various areas such as users, privileges and roles.
  • Understand availability through backup, duplicate, recovery, and flashback topics and performance, monitoring, and resources allocation management in CDBs and PDBs.
  • Learn to move data from a non-CDB environment to a PDB.
  • Learn how to move data between PDBs by using utilities such as Oracle's Data Pump export / import, Oracle's Recovery Manager (RMAN) and various commands.


None. Taking the Themis Oracle Database Administration course OR5510 would be helpful


  • I. Multitenant Architecture
    • Multitenant Architecture Benefits
    • CDB Basics
    • Resource Consolidation
    • Root Containers
    • Common Users and PDB Users
    • CDB and Regular PDBs
    • The Seed PDB
    • Application PDBs
    • Opening and Closing a PDB
    • Saving the State of a PDB
    • Local (PDB) UNDO Tablespace
  • II. PDB Creation
    • PDB Creation
    • CDB and PDB Management
    • Cloning the PDB Seed
    • Cloning an Application PDB
    • Storage
  • III. PDB Miscellaneous
    • Monitoring the Multitenant Architecture
    • Security
    • Parameter Settings
    • Backups
    • RMAN and PDBs
    • Recovery and Flashback
    • Performance
    • Resources Allocation
    • Data Movement
    • Unplugging and Plugging PDBs
    • Upgrade Methods
    • Miscellaneous