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Oracle 12c New Features for Developers


Duration: 2 Days

Method: Instructor led, Hands-on Workshops

Price: $1200.00

Course Code: OR5720

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Oracle Developers and End Users.


Try Oracle 12c’s new features for SQL and PL/SQL and their related features here first. Through hands-on exercises, Oracle Developers and End Users can find out which features might provide the most benefits and learn how to properly implement and take advantage of them.


Some Oracle SQL experience or knowledge


  • I. Deprecated and Desupported Features
  • II. SQL Enhancements
    • Top-n Query
    • Concurrent UNION and/or UNION ALL statements
    • Enhancements to the Oracle Left Outer Join Syntax
    • Row Pattern Matching
    • Cascading Truncate Statement
    • WITH Clause New Features
  • III. PL/SQL Enhancements
    • PL/SQL Functions with a WITH clause
    • PL/SQL related Security Changes
    • PL/SQL Subprogram White Lists
  • IV. Sequence-related New Features
    • Default Values for Columns Based on Sequences
  • V. Invisible Columns
  • VI. Identity Columns
  • VII. Oracle Utilities Enhancements and New Features
    • Data Pump
    • SQL Loader
    • External Tables
    • Online Operations
  • VIII. Performance Enhancements and New Features
    • Adaptive Query Optimization
  • IX. Schema and Data Changes
  • X. Table and Index New Features
  • XI. Miscellaneous New Features and Enhancements