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Oracle 12c New Features for Administrators


Duration: 3 Days

Method: Instructor led, Hands-on Workshops

Price: $1800.00

Course Code: OR5710

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Oracle Database Administrators


Many features get overlooked every time a new version of the database is released. Learn and try the new features that will provide you the needed means in your environment that have been missing in prior releases. In this course Database Administrators, through hands-on exercises, get the opportunity to examine and test many of the new features in Oracle 12c giving them a feel for how each feature works and whether or not the feature has a place in their work environments.


Some Oracle DBA experience or knowledge


  • I. Deprecated and Desupported Features
  • II. Upgrading and Migration Information
  • III. Oracle Multitenant Database
    • Container Database
    • Pluggable Database
  • IV. SQL Enhancements
    • Top-n Query
    • Concurrent UNION and/or UNION ALL statements
  • V. Sequence-related New Features
    • Default Values for Columns Based on Sequences
  • VI. Flex ASM, Flex Clusters
  • VII. Invisible Columns
  • VIII. Increased size limits for VARCHAR2, NVARCHAR2 and RAW data types
  • IX. Identity Columns
  • X. Auditing New Features
    • Unified Audit Trail (UAT)
  • XI. Enterprise Manager Database Express (Cloud Control)
  • XII. New Database Parameters
  • XIII. In-Database Archiving
  • XIV. Security Enhancements
  • XV. Oracle Data Redaction
  • XVI. Oracle Utilities Enhancements and New Features
    • Data Pump
    • SQL Loader
    • External Tables
    • Online Operations
  • XVII. Performance Enhancements and New Features
    • Compare Period Advisor
    • ADDM Enhancements
    • Adaptive Query Optimization
    • Concurrent Statistics Gathering
    • Past Statistics Collection Reports
  • XVIII. Database Monitoring New Features
  • XIX. RMAN Enhancements
  • XX. Schema and Data Changes
  • XXI. Table and Index New Features
  • XXII. Partitioning Enhancements
  • XXIII. Miscellaneous New Features and Enhancements