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Mainframe Modernization Overview


Duration: 1 day

Method: Instructor led, lecture only with live demos.

Price: $600.00

Course Code: MF7000


This course will be of interest to all mainframe personnel. It does include some technical details oriented to various technical personnel. However, it will also provide management with necessary information to show how the mainframe has been modified to fit into today’s complex infrastructure.


You may associate the IBM mainframe with legacy applications and think that it is old and stodgy. Think again! The past few generations of the hardware have been improved to favor implementation of today’s newer environments. This includes support for things like Perl, Python, Java, Docker, cloud processing, and Node.js. All of this plus more along with the heritage things like, CICS, MQ, Db2, and COBOL. First we will take a brief look at the last three generations of the hardware and their capabilities. Next we will have a look at the new features on z/OS like z/OS Connect, containers, WebSphere Application Server (more than a mainframe based web server), z/OSMF, Unicode System Services, and a few other modern development tools. We will then have a look at the updates to heritage software products like COBOL, CICS, Db2, MQ, and IBM Developer for Z in support of these new features. Last we will look into some other software like Rational Team Concert (RTC), zOpenDev, urban code, and new scripting tools used in DevOps processing. Please remember, that this is an “overview” so this class to help you understand some of the things you should consider on the modern mainframe. Hands-on courses for each major topic are currently being developed.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Understand the components of a modern mainframe.
  • Determine which of the components discussed should be further investigated in their enterprise.


Your current mainframe experience.


  • I. System z Overview
    • System z13 hardware
    • System z13 modernization features
    • System z14 hardware
    • System z14 modernization features
    • System z15 hardware
    • System z15 modernization features
  • II. z/OS Features
    • Full implementation of TCPIP features
    • Implementation of HTTP server
    • Implementation of WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile
    • Improved reliability, availability, and serviceability.
    • Improved z File System (zFS) for UNIX style operations
    • Implementation of Xerces and System XML parsers and APIs
    • Improved cryptographic adapters
    • Improvements designed for mobile connections
    • Simultaneous MultiThreading (SMT) for zIIP processors
    • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) REST-based interface
    • z/OSMF integrated as a base component of z/OS
    • z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition
    • z/OS provisioning Toolkit implemented
    • z/OS Client Web Toolkit improvements
    • z/OS security enhances in support of new style digital signatures and MFA
    • Implementation of HiperSockets Converged Interface (HSCI) to support Linux connections
    • Updates to Java on z/OS
    • Implementation of docker style containers
    • Enablement of z/OS into the cloud environment
    • Addition of IBM Open Data Analytics
    • Adoption of new technologies in DevOps, microservices, and usage consumption models
    • Overview of Zowe
  • III. WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile
    • Provides a complete HTTP server
    • Provides a complete Java application web server
    • Used as an embedded HTTP server in other z/OS components
  • IV. The Modern CICS Transaction Server
    • WAS LP delivered and enhanced as part of CICS TS
    • “MQ DPL bridge” improvements
    • PHP support added into CICS TS
    • SAML support added to CICS TS
    • Urban Code Deploy added and enhanced into CICS TS
    • Improved zIIP offload for WAS LP workloads
    • Support for MQ JMS added into WAS LP
    • Support for z/OS Provisioning Toolkit added to CICS TS
    • New GraphQL API added to CICS TS for system management
    • JSON support added into CICS TS
    • Node.js support added into CICS TS
    • CICS TS plug-in support for Maven added
    • z/OS Connect support added
  • V. The Modern Db2 Database
    • Improved zIIP eligible workload
    • z/OS Application Connectivity to Db2 for z/OS added
    • Db2 Accessories Suite for z/OS added
    • RESTful support added
    • z/OS Connect support added
    • z/OSMF and Urban Code Deploy support added
  • VI. The Modern MQ
    • Advanced Message Security support added
    • MQ Telemetry (MQTT) added
    • Managed File Transfer added
    • RESTful support added
  • VII. DevOps on the Mainframe
    • Rational Team Concert support on z/OS
    • Support of RDz and IDz interface on z/OS
    • Support of zOpenDev interface on z/OS
    • Urban Code Deploy added to z/OS
    • Node.js support added to z/OS
    • z/OS Provisioning Toolkit added to z/OS
    • Enhancements to zFS in support of distributed file systems
    • Several development tools added to z/OS
  • VIII. Virtualization with z/VM
    • Linux on System z support
    • Ability to run many Linux quests under z/VM
    • Support for new Linux One hardware server