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Leading Effective Meetings


Duration: 1 Day

Method: Instructor led

Price: $600.00

Course Code: PM5005


Project managers, business analysts, systems analysts, team members, team leaders, foreman, supervisors, and managers interested in leading more effective meetings.


Mention the word meeting and most people involuntarily cringe. But meetings do not need to evoke such emotions. Working in groups and using case studies, this one day workshop takes the participants through the basics of effective meetings. Topics include planning the meeting, executing the meeting and performing appropriate follow up. In a series of role plays, participants will practice creating a productive meeting environment and practice handling difficult participants.WORKSHOP EXAMPLES AND EXERCISES:This course uses examples and exercises to demonstrate the various aspects of Effective Meetings. Examples are worked on together in class, with the instructor demonstrating or explaining the operations, and the participants performing the same operations. Exercises are case study-based and are performed by the participants on their own or in small groups to allow them to practice.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of effective meetings
  • List the types of meetings
  • Create and use meeting agendas
  • Facilitate each meeting type
  • Understand various meeting participant roles
  • Handle difficult meeting participants
  • Create and distribute effective meeting minutes
  • Know when and how to provide meeting follow-up


  • I.Learning the Basics
    • Group Activity: What are the barriers to effective meetings?
      • Types of meetings
      • Roles in meetings
      • Eight steps to effective meetings
    • Exercise 1: Introduction to Case Study
      • Developing agendas
      • Evaluating meeting attendees
    • Exercise 2: Develop agenda and Select Attendees for Case Study
  • II.Running the Meeting
    • Introducing Participants and Objectives
    • Conducting the Business
    • Exercise 2: Conduct a Kick-Off Meeting for the Case Study
    • Handling Distractions
    • Taking effective minutes
    • Exercise 3: Conduct a Status Meeting for the Case Study
  • III.Meeting Follow-up
    • Distributing Minutes
    • Tracking Action Items
    • Exercise 4: Conduct a Lessons Learned Session for Case Study Project
  • IV.Review and Evaluations