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Introduction to z/OS Unix System Services


Duration: 5 Days

Method: Instructor led, Hands-on workshops

Price: $2950.00

Course Code: MF2002


System programmers and application programmers that require a better understanding of Unix System Services in the z/OS environment.


This class is an introduction to the z/OS UNIX System Services environment. Topics will include UNIX commands and navigation, using OMVS under TSO, OSHELL, UNIX Directory services, and the ISHELL.

The first half of the course will focus on using UNIX with a native telnet client to provide the student an opportunity to become familiar with UNIX as an operating systems environment. The last half of the course will focus on using the UNIX commands and facilities in OMVS, using the UNIX Directory list, OSHELL, and the TSO ISHELL.

Additional topics will address UNIX System Services configurations, the file systems, and z/OS extensions.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Create and manage UNIX directories
  • Perform utility functions on UNIX files (rename, delete, copy, move}
  • Access the UNIX environment in a native mode
  • Access the UNIX environment using the TSO/ISPF environment
  • Edit/browse files
  • Understand the z/OS UNIX parameter specifications
  • Interact with UNIX processes
  • Understand the UNIX file system implementation under z/OS


TSO/ISPF knowledge


  • I. UNIX Basics
    • Logging on, passwords, and the working directory
    • UNIX files, permissions, ownership, special attributes
    • UNIX file/directory commands
    • Introduction to vi editor
    • Regular expressions using vi editor and grep
    • The UNIX shell, variables, .profile and basic scripts
    • UNIX shell redirection, piping, and wildcards
    • Process management, kill and signal processing
    • Introduction to power commands: sort, find, cut, grep
    • Archiving files using pax
  • II. TCP/IP Basics
    • TCP/IP functions
    • Basic UNIX and TCP/IP commands
      • FTP
      • FTP UNIX commands and remote systems
    • Mail and using at/cron services
  • III. Accessing UNIX services in z/OS
    • Basic UNIX functions using OMVS
    • OMVS Subcommands
    • UNIX Directory List services
    • “O” Commands: OPUT, OPUTX, OGET, OGETX, OCOPY
    • OSHELL processing
    • Using OEDIT
    • Basic UNIX functions using ISHELL processing
  • IV. UNIX System Services Operations
    • Operator commands for OMVS
    • UNIX operations using ISHELL
      • Working with processes
      • File system
  • V. UNIX System Services Administration
    • BPX parameters
    • zFS/HFS file systems
    • SYSPLEX sharing considerations
    • Symbolic links
    • Mounting file systems and maintenance considerations
    • Extended attributes
    • Performance basics