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Introduction to the Azure Stack and VM Managers


Duration: 1 Day

Method: Hands on, Instructor-Led

Price: $600.00

Course Code: az1006


System adminstrators and developers


This course teaches engineers and server administrators how to install, configure and run Azure within a company’s private data center. It examines how to link and connect a company’s servers to Azure Virtual Machines. It also explores the options and solutions for running private data centers connected to the cloud.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of the Azure Stack
  • Learn to install and manage Azure
  • Leverage the core features and benefits of Virtual Machine Managers
  • Understand the solutions for connecting private data centers to Azure


  • I. Introduction to the Azure Stack
    • What and Why
    • Architectural and Conceptual Overview
    • Common Uses and Target Users
    • What’s the future
  • II. Azure Virtual Machine Manager
    • What and Why of the Virtual Machine Manager
    • Architectural and Conceptual Overview of the Azure Stack
    • Common Uses and Target Users of the Azure Stack
    • Virtual Machine Manager Operations
      • System Center Installation
      • Create of Service Accounts
      • Configure SQL Server
      • Misc Tasks
  • III. VMM Management & Maintenance