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Introduction to Perl Scripting


Duration: 3.0 days

Method: Instructor led, Hands-on workshops

Price: $1800.00

Course Code: PE1010


This course is for programmers, technical managers, and system and network administrators.


If you need to know how to program in Perl, this course is for you. It presents the introductory capabilities of Perl. More than 130 complete programs, including input and output, illustrate how to use Perl. An optional advanced appendix covers the use of Perl modules and is covered if time permits.


Basic familiarity with UNIX or Windows, and the ability to create and modify a small file.


  • I. Introduction
    • Specify the Features of and Uses for Perl
    • Describe and Use Literals and Variables
    • Use Perl Arrays and Associative Memory
    • Describe and Use Programming Control Structures
    • List and Use Operators
    • Format and Print Program Output
    • Perform Basic File Manipulation
    • Access and Manipulate Directory Information
    • Create and Use Functions
    • Describe and Use Special Regular Expression Characters
    • Use Perl to Perform UNIX like Operations
  • II. Control Structures & Related Operators
    • Program Control Statements
      • if
      • unless
      • while
      • until
      • for
      • foreach
      • last
      • next
      • redo
    • Labeled Blocks
    • Expression Modifiers
      • if
      • unless
      • while
      • until
  • III. Formatting and Printing
    • print Statement
    • printf Statement
  • IV. File Processing
    • Opening/Closing Files
    • Reading/Writing to Files
    • Testing Files
    • Processing Command Line Arguments
  • V. Directory Processing
    • Opening/Closing Directories
    • Globbing
    • Linking
  • VI. Functions
    • Creating Functions
    • Local Variables
  • VII. Regular Expressions
    • Special Metacharacters
    • Matching Operators
    • Substitute Operators
  • VIII. Unix Related Operations
    • Time Related Operations
    • System
    • Backquotes
    • Environment
    • File Handles
  • IX. Advanced Topics Appendix
    • (Covered if time permits)
    • Packages and modules, @INC, use, use(LIST), require
    • The pragma integer, the declaration no