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Introduction to Modern JavaScript Development


Duration: 5.0 days

Method: Instructor-led. Hands-on.

Price: $2750.00

Course Code: JA1089


This class teaches attendees how to build rich client-side web applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and some jQuery. Students develop real-world JavaScript applications and learn how to create object-oriented JavaScript applications, handle exceptions, and how to use regular expressions. Then attendees take their JavaScript skills to a more advanced level by working with events, images, timers, closures, callbacks, namespaces, and JSON. The course concludes with an introduction to jQuery.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Develop real-world JavaScript applications
  • Use arrays, web storage, and JavaScript libraries
  • Create object-oriented JavaScript applications
  • Handle exceptions
  • Use regular expressions
  • Work with events, images, and timers as they build applications like slide shows
  • Use closures, callbacks, namespaces, and the module pattern to secure their applications
  • Use JSON to transmit and store data
  • Understand how jQuery can make JavaScript code even more efficient


Fundamentals of HTML5 and CSS3 training or equivalent experience. If attendees will not have thorough knowledge of HTML5 fundamentals, please let us know and we will precede this course with a one-day HTML5 primer. No prior programming experience is assumed, though this course can be swiftly adapted for a programming-savvy audience.


  • I. Introduction
  • II. Getting Started With JavaScript
    • How to include JavaScript in an HTML document
    • Two ways to include JavaScript in the head of an HTML document
    • The JavaScript syntax
    • How to work with JavaScript data
    • Two illustrative applications
  • III. The Essential JavaScript Statements
    • How to code the basic control statements
    • Three illustrative applications
    • How to work with arrays
    • The Test Scores application with an array
  • IV. JavaScript Objects, Functions, and Events
    • How to use objects to work with data
    • How to use functions
    • How to handle events
    • Two illustrative applications
  • V. How To Script Forms and Controls
    • DOM scripting properties and methods
    • The FAQs application
    • How to script forms and controls
    • The Register application
    • How to add new nodes to the DOM
    • The Register application with a table
  • VI. How To Test and Debug a JavaScript Application
    • An introduction to testing and debugging
    • How to debug with Chrome‚Äôs developer tools
    • Other debugging methods
  • VII. Numbers, Strings, and Dates
    • How to work with numbers
    • The PIG application
    • How to work with strings
    • How to work with dates and times
    • The Count Down application
  • VIII. How To Code Control Statements
    • How to code conditional expressions
    • How to code the selection structures
    • The Invoice application
    • How to code the iteration structures
  • IX. Arrays and Web Storage
    • How to create and use an array
    • How to use the methods of an Array object
    • Other skills for working with arrays
    • How to use web storage
    • The Task Manager application
  • X. How To Create and Use Functions
    • Basic skills for working with functions
    • The Task Manager application
    • Object-oriented skills for working with functions
  • XI. How To Create and Use Objects
    • Basic skills for working with objects
    • What you need to know about JavaScript prototypes
    • The Task Manager application
    • Advanced skills for working with objects
    • The enhanced Task Manager application
  • XII. Using Regular Expressions, Handling Exceptions, and Validating Data
    • How to use regular expressions
    • How to handle exceptions
    • The Register application
  • XIII. Events, Images, and Timers
    • How to work with events
    • The FAQs application
    • How to work with images
    • The Rollover application
    • How to use timers
    • The Slide Show application
  • XIV. Closures, Callbacks, and Recursion
    • Introduction to closures
    • How to use closures
    • The Slide Show application
    • How to use callbacks
    • How to use recursion
    • The Task Manager application
  • XV. Namespaces, Modules, and Custom Properties
    • How to work with namespaces
    • The Task Manager application
    • How to work with the module pattern
    • The Slide Show application
    • How to customize properties
    • The enhanced Slide Show application
  • XVI. JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)
    • An introduction to JSON
    • How to work with JSON in JavaScript
    • The Task Manager application
    • How to customize the stringify method
    • How to customize the parse method
    • The enhanced Task Manager application
  • XVII. When and How To Use JQuery
    • Introduction to jQuery
    • The Email List application in jQuery
    • Introduction to jQuery UI
    • Introduction to jQuery plugins
    • How to create your own plugins