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Introduction to Microsoft Project


Duration: 2 Days

Method: Instructor led

Price: $1125.00

Course Code: PM5001


Anyone who is interested in creating project management charts using Microsoft Project.


All Microsoft Project courses use examples and exercises to demonstrate the various aspects of Microsoft Project. Examples are worked on together in class, with the instructor demonstrating or explaining the operations, and the participants performing the same operations on a PC. Exercises are performed by the participants on their own PC to allow them to practice operations on their own.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Assign task start dates, end dates and lengths
  • Assign task dependencies
  • Create and schedule a resource
  • Use both resource-constrained and time-constrained tasks in a plan
  • Use and modify standard views
  • Use standard and custom reports
  • Assign partial task dependencies
  • Assign project milestones
  • Assign actual completion dates
  • Modify standard and resource calendars
  • Revise a plan; and
  • Set and modify a baseline


Introduction to PCs or similar experience and Project Management Basics or similar experience.


  • I.Microsoft Project BASICS
    • Menu Structure and Terminology
    • Entering a Plan
      • Example One
  • II.Dependencies, Scheduling, and Resources
    • Task Dependencies
      • Example Two
      • Exercise One
    • Assigning Resources
      • Example Three
      • Example Four
      • Exercise Two
    • Printing Gantt and WBS Charts
      • Example Five
      • Example Six
      • Exercise Three
    • Partial Dependencies
      • Example Seven
    • Assigning Milestones
      • Example Eight
      • Exercise Four
  • III.Updating and Revising Plans
    • Adding Current Status Information
      • Example Nine
    • Setting a Baseline
      • Example Ten
      • Exercise Five
    • Revising a Plan
    • Example Eleven
    • Resolving Dependency Violations
      • Example Twelve
      • Exercise Six
    • Modifying Calendars
      • Example Thirteen
    • Modifying Resource Availability
      • Example Fourteen
      • Example Fifteen
      • Exercise Seven
    • Creating Custom Reports
      • Example Sixteen
  • IV.Final Exercise