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IMS Database (DB) Coding


Duration: 5 days

Method: Instructor led, Hands-on workshops

Price: $2950.00

Course Code: IM1090


Application programming personnel


This course is designed for application programmers requiring a detailed understanding of IMS database processing.

This course provides 14 programming exercises for the attendee too complete.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Code programs utilizing efficient retrieval, replace, delete and insert calls to IMS databases
  • Design, code and test restartable programs using symbolic checkpoint/restart and GSAM databases


COBOL or PL/I, TSO, JCL, IMS Concepts


  • I.Hierarchic Structures, IMS system components and IMS Control Blocks
  • II.Coding using CALL and/or EXEC DLI functions (entry statement, PCBs, SSAs, I/O Areas, status code checking, DIB Interface)
  • III.Sequential Processing
  • IV.Getting Started (VSAM data sets, Loading, BMP vs DLI, JCL, DD statements)
  • V.Random Processing
  • VI.Adding, Deleting, Replacing, Setting Parentage, Path calls, concatenated keys
  • VII.Using command codes
  • VIII.Using Multiple database positioning
  • IX.Processing GSAM
  • X.Processing using Secondary indexes, processing a secondary index
  • XI.Using the AIB (Application Interface Block)
  • XII.. Using CHKP/XRST calls, design considerations, and validation of results
  • XIII.Fast Path Considerations (optional)
  • XIV.BTS (Batch Terminal Simulator)
  • XV.DFSDDLT0 (test program overview)