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IBM MQ for Distributed Platforms System Administration


Duration: 3 Days

Method: Instructor led, Hands-on workshops

Price: $1795.00

Course Code: MQ3010


System programmers, systems administrators, and technical support personnel responsible for maintenance and support of IBM MQ for distributed platforms on a daily basis.


You have been given the task of supporting and maintaining IBM MQ on your distributed platform but have no formal training in IBM MQ. Then this is the course for you. In three days, we will cover what you need to understand about IBM MQ for distributed platforms plus the knowledge and techniques to administer the MQ environment. In the class, we will go from creating a queue manager, to defining MQ resources, to interconnecting our queue managers, plus cover some supporting processes along the way. We will utilize Windows systems for the hands-on workshops.


A good working knowledge of Linux, UNIX, or Windows environments, at least one year working in one of these environments in either a support / administration role or as a developer with application support exposure.


  • I. Terminology, Component and Environment Overview
    • Describe MQ named resources
    • Describe MQ programming model and interface
    • Describe MQ styles of processing implemented
    • Describe MQ functions and capabilities implemented
  • II. Base Installation and Queue Manager Creation
    • Define necessary distributed platform file system requirements
    • Describe, modify and implement an MQ queue manager
    • Describe, modify and implement related queue manager processes
    • Describe and understand MQ system level commands
    • Review MQ startup and shutdown processing
  • III. Queue Creation and Administration Tool Overview
    • Describe and implement various queue resources in MQ
    • Describe and utilize MQ administrative tools
  • IV. Message Queuing Interface Overview Plus Application Triggering Process
    • Describe and understand MQ interface usage
    • Describe and understand MQ special message processing features
    • Describe and understand MQ special processes like ReplyToQ and data conversion
    • Describe and understand MQ trigger process
    • Describe, modify and implement MQ trigger resources
  • V. Distributed Queuing Plus Related Topics
    • Describe distributed queuing concepts and resources for MQ
    • Describe, modify and implement resources for MQ intercommunications
    • Describe and understand MQ functional processes related to distributed queuing
    • Describe and understand useful commands for MQ intercommunication
    • Describe and understand MQ Dead Letter Process
  • VI. System and Application Integrity
    • Describe and understand MQ application UOW processing
    • Describe and understand MQ queue manager UOW processing
    • Describe, modify and implement MQ file system and log changes
    • Describe, modify and implement MQ simple backup and recovery processes
  • VII. MQ Resource Security
    • Describe and understand OAM profiles for MQ
    • Describe and understand MQ security related commands
    • Describe and understand command and context security MQ options