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HTML, CSS, Javascript, ASP.NET


Duration: 3.0 days

Method: Instructor led, Hands-on workshops

Price: $1800.00

Course Code: HT1200


Individuals wanting to gain a good overall understanding of web design.


This course provides an introduction to web development technologies The course starts out with a brief explanation of different protocols used over the internet e.g., IP, TCP, UDP, HTTP, how web browsers work, what is a web server and how it is created. The course then introduces creating web pages using HTML, proper formatting of web pages through CSS, different styles for presentation of web pages. The course also lightly introduces scripting (Javascript) to allow for client-side validation and animation of web pages. The motivation for server-side processing is given by the need to access databases and exchanging data with other web servers. A brief introduction to server-side technologies ASP.Net and JSP, and creating web applications using ASP.Net is provided. Related programming in .Net languages is lightly introduced. The course then introduces how to access databases, provides an overview of SQL language and examples to access and display database data on the web pages. Finally, a complete web application is developed where the styling of different pages is controlled through the concepts of Master pages and external style sheets.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe how Web Servers and Web Browsers work
  • Create web pages using HTML5
  • Format web pages using CSS3
  • Implement client side scripting using JavaScript


Familiarity with the use of Windows operating system. Some knowledge of programming (any language) is helpful but not required.


  • I. Web Fundamentals
    • Quick overview of concepts
    • How Web Servers and Web Browsers work
    • Overview of different web servers such as Apache, IIS
    • Overview of TCP/IP and HTTP protocols
    • Setting up a Web server
  • II. Creating Web Pages
    • Basic HTML tags
    • Formatting text
    • Use of Tables
    • Creating links
    • Web page design guidelines
    • Frames
    • Graphics in Web pages
    • Adding multimedia to Web pages
    • Building Web Forms
  • III. HTML Enhancements
    • Creating Image maps
    • Meta tags for animation and search engines
    • Creating table
    • Based page layouts
  • IV. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Fundamentals
    • CSS fundamentals
    • Incorporating style sheets with web pages
    • In-line, internal and external style sheets
    • Controlling text and fonts, with css
    • IDs and Classes in CSS
    • Applying CSS styles to different HTML elements such as <P>, <SPAN>, <DIV> elements, and hyperlinks
  • V. Formatting Web Pages Using CSS – Intermediate CSS
    • Controlling borders, margins, and padding using CSS
    • Formatting lists and tables, using CSS
    • Creating proper hierarchy in style sheet classes
    • Using background images via CSS in a page
  • VI. Advanced CSS
    • Providing different media types in CSS, print and screen views through CSS
    • Controlling positioning of elements via CSS
    • Image opacity and transparent images via CSS
  • VII. Dynamic HTML - Client-Side Scripting - JavaScript
    • JavaScript basics
    • Handling multiple Browsers
    • Declaring variables
    • Conditional statements
    • Loops
    • Functions
    • Event-handlers
    • Data validation in forms
    • JavaScript objects and properties
    • Controlling layers and rollovers
    • Web page animation using JavaScript
  • VIII. Web Applications - Server-side Scripting
    • Brief overview of ASP.Net, JSP Technologies
    • Examples of processing Web Forms on the Server
    • Get and Post Methods
    • Introduction to JSP/ASP built-in objects
    • Request, Response, Session objects, their properties and methods
  • IX. Using Databases in Web Applications
    • Brief overview of relational databases and SQL
    • Retrieving and modifying database tables using SQL
    • Accessing databases using the server-side code in a web page
    • Brief overview ADO models for accessing databases
  • X. Complete Example of a Web Application in ASP.Net with CSS styles
    • Creating a database driven web application with Master page layouts
    • Using CSS for specifying page layouts for a uniform look and feel of the web site
    • Using CSS for styling server-side controls in ASP.Net