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Getting Started with Java


Duration: 1.5 Day

Method: Instructor-led. Hands-on Workshops

Price: $750.00

Course Code: JA1000


Applications Programmers and Systems Programmers.


This course gets you started writing effective Java code. It covers the basics and syntax of Java along with taking a look at some of the Object-Oriented Programming foundation pieces such as Encapsulation and Inheritance. Coding examples and workshops serve to reinforce the material presented in class.




  • I. Java Basics and Syntax
    • Java Program Structure
    • Simple and Compound Statements
    • Comments and Readability
    • Identifier Names
    • Reserved Keywords
    • Variable Categories
    • Variable Declarations
    • Primitive/Native Data Types
    • Strings
    • Basic Output
    • Expressions & Operators
      • Precedence and Associativity
      • Evaluating
      • Assignment
      • Arithmetic
      • Compound
      • - Increment/Decrement
    • Control Statements
      • if-else
      • ternary if
      • switch-case
    • Iterative Statements
      • while and do-while
      • for
      • break and continue
    • Operators
      • Comparison
      • Logical
  • II. Classes and Packages
    • Uses
    • Importing
    • Creating
    • Data Members
    • Methods Members
    • Member Access Control
    • static and final Variables
    • Instantiating Classes (Objects)
      • Constructors
    • - Referencing Class Members
  • III. Encapsulation and Inheritance
    • Encapsulation
      • Concepts and Terminology
      • private Data
      • public methods
    • Inheritance
      • Concepts and Terminology
      • extends Option
      • Usage

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