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Developing Effective RACF Administration Skills


Duration: 5 Days

Method: Instructor led, Hands-on workshops 8 hours of dedicated time to practice on our z/OS system.

Price: $3900.00

Course Code: RF1000


This course is designed for individuals responsible for implementing, administering, and supporting RACF®. The course objective is to develop RACF security administration skills through the use of RACF commands and panels. This course may also prove valuable for Auditors and System Programmers. The suggested audience is: Security Administrators, Security Analysts, System Programmers, Auditors


This course is designed for individuals who administer RACF, or those who are interested in sharpening their RACF administration skills through the use of RACF commands, panels or the Vanguard Administrator product. Learn the RACF command syntax as well as navigation through the RACF panels and the Vanguard Administrator. The course not only covers theory, it provides a realistic set of lab exercises that enable the students to apply knowledge learned during the discussion sessions. The lab environment allows them to choose to complete their assignments using RACF commands, RACF panels, and/or the Vanguard Administrator. Lab exercises make up approximately one-third of the class experience. Course material specifically discusses the major RACF functions: user authentication, resource authorization, surveillance, and administration.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Become proficient in RACF in one week!
  • Hands-On Labs - eight(8) hours of dedicated time to practice what you have learned on our z/OS system.
  • Learn advanced techniques & best practices for performing RACF Administration.


Students should already know how to log onto TSO and use ISPF. They should also have a basic understanding of system resources such as data sets, DASD volumes, and programs.


  • I. Day 1
    • Introduction to RACF
    • Understanding RACF Functions
    • Learning the Basics of RACF Commands
    • Hands-On Lab: Using RACF Commands
  • II. Day 2
    • Understand the Foundation of a Good RACF Group Structure
    • Hands-On Lab: Creating a RACF Group Structure
    • Define new Users to RACF
    • Hands-On Lab: Managing RACF Users
  • III. Day 3
    • Explore the Many Options of RACF Passwords
    • Hands-On Lab: RACF Passwords
    • Use RACF Commands or VRA to Protect Your Data Sets
    • Hands-On Lab: Protecting Data Sets
  • IV. Day 4
    • Understand How RACF uses General Resources
    • Hands-On Lab: Working with General Resources
    • Experience the Power of RACF’s SEARCH Command
  • V. Day 5
    • How to Configure RACF by Setting the System Wide Options
    • Discuss Auditing and Reporting Features Available with RACF