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Db2 for z/OS Installation, Migration and Systems Administration


Duration: 5.0 days

Method: Instructor led, Hands-on workshops

Price: $3200.00

Course Code: DB5001


Db2 Systems Programmers, Db2 Systems Administrators and Systems Database Administrators who will be installing and migrating Db2 for z/OS.


During this hands-on workshop the attendee will install their own Db2 subsystem, migrate their subsystem to a new release and implement additional Db2 functions. Detailed attention is given to Db2 in a data sharing environment, what facilities are supplied to manage and the recovery of system resources, the Db2 environment and how Db2 relates to the z/OS environment.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Db2 Installation and Migration Planning
  • Db2 Installation Process
  • Migration planning and procedures
  • Additional Function Implementation
  • Db2 Data Sharing
  • Systems Administration Role and Responsibilities
  • Perform critical system resource recovery
  • Develop and implement systems recovery procedures
  • Address Data Sharing Recovery Considerations


A working knowledge of Db2 for z/OS (DB5000), z/OS JCL, TSO/ISPF & z/OS Utilities (MF1010) and SMP/E Fundamentals (MF5020, optional).


  • I. Introduction
    • Db2 Installation and Migration Overview
    • Preparation Steps
    • Hardware and Software requirements
    • Personnel
    • Critical Subsystem Structures
    • Critical Subsystem Resources
    • System Administration Basics
  • II. Db2 Installation
    • Db2 Installation Steps
    • Running the Installation CLISTs
    • Running the Installation Jobs
    • Prepare Db2 for use
    • Installation Verification
  • III. Db2 Migration
    • Migration Planning
    • Pre-migration procedures
    • Running the Migration CLISTs
    • Running the Migration Jobs
    • Migration Verification
    • Post-migration New Features Implementation
  • IV. Installing or Enabling Additional Functions
    • Installing Db2 supplied Stored Procedures and Functions
    • Connecting local Attachments
    • Connecting Distributed Database Applications
    • Connecting systems with TCP/IP
    • IBM Data Server Driver for JDBC and SQLJ
  • V. Installing, Migrating and Enabling Data Sharing
    • Planning for Data Sharing
    • Sysplex Requirements
    • Installing a new Data Sharing Group
    • Enabling Db2 Data Sharing
    • Adding New Members
    • Migrating a Data Sharing Group
    • Mixed Release Considerations
  • VI. Introduction to Operations and Recovery
    • Db2 for z/OS Operations
    • Db2 Recovery Environment
    • Preparing for Recovery
    • Failure Types
    • Db2 Troubleshooting
  • VII. Db2 Subsystem Startup and Shutdown
    • Normal Operations
    • Subsystem Failure
    • Attachment Failures
    • Connection Failures
    • Restart after failure
  • VIII. Managing the BSDS and LOGs
    • Stand-alone Utilities
    • Commands
    • Recovering from BSDS failures
    • Recovering from Log failures
  • IX. Db2 non-Sysplex Failure Recovery
    • Member Failures
    • Database Failures
    • Db2 Catalog
    • Db2 Directory
    • Application Failures
    • Short on Storage
    • SCA
    • Lock Structures
    • Group Buffer Pools
  • X. Db2 Sysplex Failure Recovery
    • Sysplex Configuration Overview
    • CPC Failures
    • Sysplex Timer Failures
    • Structure Failures
    • Duplexed Group Buffer Pool
  • XI. Security Administration Overview
    • Db2 Security Overview
    • Access Control Options
    • Recommendations
    • Security Control Install Parameters