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Db2 for z/OS Advanced Embedded Programming


Duration: 2 Days

Method: Instructor Led, Hands-on Workshops

Price: $1125.00

Course Code: DB1042


Developers who code SQL queries embedded in host languages such as COBOL.


Have you been coding SQL in embedded programs such as COBOL for a while and looking to fine tune your skills? If so, this course is for you. Learn some advanced techniques for coding cursors including some of the new features in the latest releases of Db2. Also learn how Db2 locking affects the way programs should be coded. The course concludes with a primer on SQL optimization and the toolset provided by IBM for optimizing the queries in a program.


DB1010 or equivalent experience


  • I. Db2 and SQL Components
    • Databases and Physical Objects
    • Tables and Indexes
    • Object Dependencies
  • II. Using Scrollable Cursors
    • Sensitive Static
    • Insensitive Static
    • Sensitive Dynamic
    • Positioned Updating and Deleting
    • Choosing the Right Cursor Type
  • III. Multi-Row Operations
    • Multi-Row Fetch
    • Multi-Row Insert
    • MERGE Statement
    • Multi-Row Merge
    • SELECT from Insert/Update/Delete/Merge
    • GET DIAGNOSTICS Error Handling
  • IV. Locking Strategies & Concurrency
    • Db2 Concurrency Control
    • Aspects of Transaction Locks
    • ISOLATION Bind Parameter
    • CURRENTDATA Bind Parameter
    • Lock Avoidance
    • Optimistic Locking Techniques
    • SKIP LOCKED DATA clause
  • V. SQL Performance
    • Db2 Optimizer Overview
    • Tuning Approaches
    • Explain
    • IBM Data Studio
    • Reading Access Paths
    • Access Path Choices