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Db2 for LUW Database Administration


Duration: 4 Days

Method: Instructor led, Hands-on workshops

Price: $2450.00

Course Code: DB3016


Database Administrators and senior development staff.


This course makes your life as a Db2 LUW DBA more productive. Over four days, this course covers the roles of the DBA and the activities that are important to the success of Db2. Extra time is spent on performance topics. This class uses hands-on and paper exercises to reinforce the topics covered.


Intended for people wanting DBA knowledge or DBAs with experience on another DBMS.


  • I. Object Management
    • Types of objects and their relationships
    • Test and production
    • Alter and migration
  • II. Utilities
    • Loading and moving data
    • Reorganizing tables and indexes
    • Integrity checking
  • III. Key System Parameters
    • Heaps, Servers, and Thresholds
    • Optimizing Sort performance
    • Using the snapshot monitor for system monitoring
  • IV. Buffer Pool Optimization Techniques
    • Types of physical I/O
    • A buffer pool tuning methodology
    • Number and size of buffer pools
    • Object placement
  • V. Table Spaces Design
    • DMS, SMS & Automatic storage
    • Table design
    • Data compression
  • VI. Index Design
    • Index structure and MDC indexes
    • When to use indexes
    • Index redesign
  • VII. Access Path Selection
    • Types of access paths
    • Range delimiting and sargable predicates
    • Factors used in access path selection
    • Db2 catalog statistics used
    • Join methods and subselects
  • VIII. Evaluating SQL Performance
    • Explain tables, db2expln, db2exfmt
    • Monitoring using Db2 catalog information
    • Design Advisor
    • Event Monitors
  • IX. Security
    • Interfaces to OS security
    • Security administration
  • X. Backup and Recovery
    • Recovery concepts
    • Backup strategies
    • Recovery planning
    • HADR

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