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Db2 12 for z/OS - Automate Statistics Profiles Workshop


Duration: 0.5 Days


Price: $245.00

Course Code: DB3000


Any z/OS Db2 DBA with basic knowledge, has taken our DB3010 course or equivalent.


This 3 hour workshop guides the experienced Database Administrator through the setup, use and maintenance of RUNSTATS profiles, their usage and critical Db2 12 RUNSTATS utility performance enhancements By automating Statistics Profile generation you can reduce the amount of labor-intensive work for identifying, collecting, and maintaining accurate statistics in Db2. Doing so might also improve performance by increasing the likelihood that accurate statistics are available when Db2 needs them.


  • I. Presentation and exercises include
    • Subsystem Parameters to Activate Stats Feedback and Automate Stats Profiles
    • Use the PROFILE Options when running:
      • RUNSTATS
      • STATISTICS option on REORG, and other utilities.
    • Combining manual statistics into your profile
    • Recent RUNSTATS performance improvements