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Db2 12 for z/OS – Tracking Data Modifications


Duration: 1 Day


Price: $245.00

Course Code: DB3001


Any z/OS Db2 DBA with basic knowledge, has taken our DB3010 course or equivalent.


Depending on the detail of tracking required and the use of the information gathered there are various levels of data modification tracking you can achieve. Using SYSEM_TIME period with non-deterministic generated-expression columns Db2 12 can now track the “who, what, and when” of data modifications in System Temporal history tables or if full data content is not required maintain just authid and timestamp of the last modification.


  • I. Through various hands-on exercises we explore:
    • Minimal non-deterministic generated-expression column tracking
    • Full system temporal table versioning
    • History table management
    • Tracking data usage
    • Management of and cleanup of old history data