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Data Modeling Using PowerDesigner


Method: Instructor Led - Hands on

Price: $2450.00

Course Code: PD1000


Business analyst, DBA, Developer


This course introduces SAP PowerDesigner as a tool and how it can be effectively used during the analysis, modeling and database design process.


  • I. Introducing to PowerDesigner
    • Getting Familiar with the PowerDesigner Environment
    • First Steps in Database Design
      • Project
      • Model
      • Glossary
  • II. Beginning the Data Modelling Process
    • Identifying and Creating Entities and Domains
    • Establishing Conceptual and Logical Data Models
    • Applying Model Properties
    • Checking the Conceptual Data Model
  • III. Building a Physical Data Model
    • Generating a Physical Data Model
    • Creating Views Stored Procedures and Triggers
    • Indexes and Key Selection
    • Performing Data Integrity Checks
    • Validating the Physical Data Model
    • Generating a Database from the Physical Model
    • Synchronizing Models for Consistency
  • IV. Organizing Models
    • Working with Packages
    • From Diagram to Package
    • Extracting a Dependency Matrix
  • V. Reporting
    • Creating and Generating a Report
    • Making Use of Report Templates
    • Working with Multiple Model Reports
  • VI. Impact Analysis
    • Defining the Requirements
    • Linking the Models
    • Generating an Impact Analysis Model
  • VII. Maintaining the Repository
    • Modifying Documents in the Repository
    • Establishing Repository Workflows
    • Integrating Changes Across Repository Branches
    • Managing a Repository Effectively