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CICS TS Systems Boot Camp


Duration: 10 Days

Method: Instructor-led. Hands-on workshops.

Price: $6995.00

Course Code: CI3000


Anyone new to CICS System Programming.


This comprehensive ten-day 'Boot Camp' type course provides attendees with an accelerated learning approach to system support for CICS Transaction Server (CICS TS) for z/OS. The course is designed for students new to the CICS TS for z/OS environment who need to develop the skills to administer the product. The hands-on lab exercises follow presentation topics giving students the opportunity to try out their newly gained skills immediately. The course will start with an introduction to CICS TS for z/OS concepts and facilities. Students will work on an existing CICS TS and subsequently build a CICS TS from scratch and use the CICS provided tool, such as CEMT, CEDA, and the CICS provided batch utilities. The use of the CICS Explorer to define and manage CICS resources will be introduced. Once created, subsequent lectures and exercises will allow the definition and management of additional resources within a CICS TS region.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe the basic concepts, facilities and terminology of CICS
  • Describe the CICS functions available for program development
  • Explain the role of CICS in a distributed environment
  • Describe the concepts of CICS
  • Identify the major management modules and tables
  • Trace & Describe the flow of a CICS Transaction
  • Identify the CICS facilities used for accessing data
  • Perform all CICS administration duties, such as
  • Identify and use the CICS supplied transactions, CEMT, CEDA, CECI, CEBR, & CEDF
  • Use CEDA transaction to dynamically define resources
  • Understand the effect system Initialization parameters have on performance, reliability & availability
  • Define and understand the use of resources and facilities such as: Terminals, Profiles, Task dispatching, System initialization, Programs, Mapsets, Virtual storage management, Inter CICS channel communication using (MRO, ISC, & IPIC), Event Processing, File definitions, LSR pool usage, Temp Storage and Transient Data queues, Db2 and WMQ connectivity, CICS Logging, Event processing & much more
  • Use other administrative interfaces such as the CICS Explorer & DFHCSDUP utility
  • Solve development or production problems using CICS formatted dumps
  • Specifically solve storage violation problems
  • Use CICS supplied transactions in problem solving
  • Install and customize the CICS Explorer
  • Provide the needed definitions in CICS to allow the explorer to connect
  • Use the CICS Explorer to perform CICS resource operational (CEMT type) functions
  • Use the CICS Explorer to perform CICS resource administrative (RDO – CEDA type) functions
  • Describe and use the perspectives in the CICS Explorer
  • Customize perspectives to your needs
  • Customize views to your needs
  • Describe the capabilities of CPSM components such as, Single System Image (SSI), single point of control and definition, Work Load Manager (WLM), Real Time Analysis (RTA) and Business Application Services (BAS)
  • Describe the functions provided by CPSM operations
  • Describe the required CPSM infrastructure
  • Describe the installation of the CICS Explorer
  • Describe the installation of the WUI server
  • Configure a CICSPlex
  • Define CICSPlex topology
  • Use the CICS Explorer to connect to the WUI server and manage resources


A basic knowledge of IT


  • I. CICS Introduction and Administration
    • Resource Definition
    • System Initialization
    • Dispatching
  • II. CICS problem resolution
  • III. CICS support tools
  • IV. CICS System Manager