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CICS TS Structure & Debugging Part 1


Duration: 5 Days

Method: Instructor-led. Hands-on workshops.

Price: $3800.00

Course Code: CI5046


The purpose of this class is to enable Systems Programmers to begin building an understanding of CICS architecture from the ground up. By understanding the Kernel, Dispatcher, Transaction Manager, and the Application domains, not only do all of the subsequent components in the ‘Structure & Debugging’ fall into place but also the fundamentals for Debugging, Performance Tuning and Application Design begin to become a reality. There are two parts to ‘Structure & Debugging’ and it is recommended that they be taken in order. Parts 1 & 2 may be taken consecutively or with a short consolidation gap between them.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describes the Domain Architecture of CICS TS
  • Understand the dispatching of work on multiple TCBs including L8/L9, J8/J9, X8/X9, S8, SO, SL, CQ, SP and QR
  • Understand how work gets into CICS by a variety of means & understand how the Loader and Program Manager domains work
  • Debug CICS system & transaction problems
  • Be familiar with IPCS & the CICS verbexit
  • Begin to tune CICS TS
  • Understand the CICS/Db2 interface and the exploitation of Threadsafe programs


Extensive experience of the externals of CICS such as application and/or system programming and/or resource definition and administration is required. Prior CICS Internals knowledge is not required.


  • I. Domain Architecture
  • II. Kernel Domain
  • III. Dispatcher Domain
  • IV. Transaction Manager Domain
  • V. Application Domain
  • VI. Enqueue Domain
  • VII. File Control
  • VIII. Loader Domain
  • IX. Program Manager Domain
  • X. Language Environment
  • XI. Debugging Transaction Dumps
  • XII. CICS/Db2 Interface