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CICS TS Problem Determination Workshop


Duration: 5 Days

Method: Instructor-led. Hands-on workshops.

Price: $3400.00

Course Code: CI5045


CICS system programmers and technical support specialists. Experienced application programmers could also benefit from this class providing they are receptive to the idea of having to understand CICS internal structure.


This course is designed to provide the attendee with the skills to debug problems in a CICS TS environment. The student will learn how to read both transaction and system dumps. Transaction dumps are used to demonstrate how to resolve application-type problems such as program checks or cancellations caused by the program not handling the ABEND condition. System dumps are used to demonstrate how to resolve CICS system problems using the IBM Interactive Problem Control System (IPCS). The attendee will receive information on how to debug system problems such as short on storage (SOS) conditions and storage violations. In particular, the attendee will receive information on how to resolve loops and wait conditions that affect the CICS TS system. The attendee will receive information regarding what things need to be analyzed when you have problems with web services and other subsystems such Db2 and MQ.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Debug transaction dumps caused either by program checks or incorrect error handling in CICS
  • Use IPCS to debug system dumps that may have caused a system outage or task waits
  • Understand the PSW and register assignments for debugging purposes
  • Determine & debug loop and wait conditions
  • Use the trace facilities, CEDF and CEDX to debug transaction problems
  • Debug problems using a transaction or system dump
  • Understand the control block structure used by web services, MQ and Db2
  • Resolve intercommunications problems


Technical programming or CICS system programming.


  • I. Introduction to Problem Determination
  • II. System Concepts
  • III. CICS TS Architecture
  • IV. Transaction Dump Basics
  • V. Anatomy of a COBOL Program
  • VI. Handling Limit Conditions
  • VII. Introduction to ASRA Dumps
  • VIII. Introduction to IPCS
  • IX. Wait Conditions
  • X. Loops
  • XI. Handling Storage Violations
  • XII. Handling Short on Storage Conditions (SOS)
  • XIII. Intercommunications Problems
  • XIV. CICS MQ Debugging
  • XV. Web Debugging
  • XVI. Db2 Structure