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CICS TS Explorer Customization & Operation


Duration: 2 Days

Method: Instructor-led. Hands-on Workshops.

Price: $1595.00

Course Code: CI4010


This course is designed for operations personnel and CICS system administrators responsible for monitoring and managing CICS TS systems.


This two-day workshop introduces, explains the new functionality & enhancements available with CICS TS Explorer. The course will provide attendees with the ability to install, customize, operate the CICS Explorer & associated plug-ins. The resources needed to connect to a single CICS and/or a CICSPlex will be discussed. The CICS functions provided by the explorer will be examined. The purpose and use of the varied perspectives will be covered. The creation & deployment of BUNDLEs is examined. The topics are backed up by extensive hand’s-on exercises.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe & exploit the CICS Explorer
  • Install & customize the CICS Explorer
  • Provide the needed definitions in CICS to allow the explorer to connect
  • Use the CICS Explorer to perform CICS resource operational (CEMT type) functions & perform CICS resource administrative (RDO – CEDA type) functions
  • Describe & use the perspectives in the CICS Explorer
  • Customize perspectives to your needs.
  • Customize views to your needs
  • Describe the “Event Binding Editor”


Attendees should be experienced CICS personnel


  • I. CICS TS Explorer - an Introduction
  • II. CICS TS Explorer – CICS resource Operation
  • III. CICS TS Explorer – CICS resource Administration
  • IV. CICS TS Explorer - Customization
  • V. Plug-ins available for the explorer