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CICS TS Application Debugging Workshop


Duration: 3.0 days

Method: Instructor led, Hands-on workshops

Price: $1800.00

Course Code: CI1030


The accomplished Command-Level Application Programmer and other Information Systems personnel who have a desire to better understand: the z/OS and CICS environments and the basic methodology applicable to problem resolution. This is not an entry level CICS course. Moderately technical material is presented and must be mastered. This course is only covering transaction dumps; system dumps are discussed in CI5040 - CICS TS Structure & Problem Analysis.


The most technical CICS application course, the participants will acquire the ability to locate the source of an abend, examine the operands involved and determine corrective action. They will also be exposed to some of the debugging tools available with the CICS product. The dumps used during the exercises have all been created by programs written with COBOL. Through a combination of lecture, review exercises and workshops, at the conclusion of this training course the students will have an appreciation for the advanced capabilities of CICS TS and the essential skill set to master any transaction dump.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Advance the knowledge and understanding of transaction processing under the transaction processing environment known as the Customer Information Control System
  • Establish and/or enhance a diagnostic skill set which can be applied when problem resolution is called for at the application level
  • Expand the ability to perform problem resolution in more complex situations


It is expected that students have experience writing and testing Command Level programs, familiarity with hexadecimal techniques will be an advantage but not a requirement.


  • I. Application Programming Interface
    • CICS command-level translator
    • Compile JCL with and without translation
    • Addressability issues
    • COBOL compiler option required for debugging
    • Review of the material produced by the compilation process
  • II. Error Handling
    • Errors generates when this is not done properly
    • Review quiz
  • III. Tools
    • Review of the runtime environment used in CICS concentrating on tools that are available to help the CICS programmer test his/her program; the following tools will be covered
      • CECI
      • CEBR
      • CECS
      • CMSG
      • CMAC
      • A brief overview of Resource Definition Online
      • CEMT
      • CEDF
    • Workshop
  • IV. Task Execution
    • CICS areas
    • Task Control Area
    • Storage allocation
    • Exec Interface Block
    • Abnormal end processing
  • V. Dumps and Traces
    • Dump facility
    • Messages and codes
    • Dump structure and format
    • CICS trace facility
    • Workshops
  • VI. Abend Analysis
    • Locate data in dumps
    • Locate failing instructions
    • Abnormal task termination
    • Storage violations
    • Wait problems
    • This chapter discusses various types of abend and the approach to take while investigating these problems
    • The participant will work with the following problem situations
      • ASRA(various types)
      • ASRD
      • AEYD
      • AEZD
      • AICA(loops)
      • Aexx