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CICS Java Application Programming Using JCICS


Duration: 4.0 days

Method: Instructor led, Hands-on workshops

Price: $2450.00

Course Code: CI1011

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Experienced Java Developers


CICS is not just for COBOL developers - it supports execution of Java applications as well. Experienced Java developers will gain the necessary knowledge to develop, test, and debug Java applications running under CICS TS Environments in this course. After a brief overview and terminology of the environments, we will proceed to discuss how to develop applications, including how to use Eclipse and CICS Explorer SDKs. We will cover the special classes and methods utilized in the CICS environment to create basic, usable applications. The goal is to provide enough knowledge and practice so that the people will be able to begin development of Java/CICS applications on their own test systems.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Provide a basic understanding of CICS TS environment
  • Provide a basic set of skills in the use of Eclipse and CICS Explorer SDKs
  • Provide developmental knowledge in the use of special classes and methods
  • Provide knowledge to develop applications to use the major resources
  • Provide basic problem solving skills


Knowledgeable Java Application Developers


  • I. CICS TS Introduction
    • What is CICS and Why is it Used
    • Batch versus Online Processing
    • CICS Management and System Component Overview
    • CICS Resource Overview
    • CICS Java Virtual Machine (JVM) Overview
    • Setting Up CICS JVM Runtime Environment (Developer Perspective)
  • II. CICS Java Application Basics
    • Overview of OSGi and WAS-LP
    • Using CICS Explorer SDK to Build and Test Java Applications
    • What are Bundles and How They Are Used
    • Overview of JCICS Classes
    • Handling JCICS Errors
    • Overview of Java Platform Debugging Architecture (JPDA)
  • III. CICS Document Support
    • Overview of CICS Document Templates (HTML pages)
    • Working with Documents, insert and extracting variables
    • Sending and Receiving Documents
  • IV. CICS Program Control
    • Working with Channels and Containers
    • Passing Control to Other Programs, LINK or XCTL
    • Returning Control Back to CICS and Pseudo-Conversational Design
  • V. CICS File Processing
    • Reading, Writing, Updating, and Deleting Records in VSAM Files
    • Working with Multiple Indexes, File Integrity, and Recovery
    • Browsing Records in VSAM Files
  • VI. CICS Temporary Storage Queues
    • Temporary Storage Basics
    • Reading, Writing, and Updating of TS Items
    • Deleting TS Queues
  • VII. CICS Transient Data Queues
    • Transient Data Basics
    • Reading, and Writing of TD Records
    • Deleting TD Queues
  • VIII. CICS Interval Control
    • Interval Control Basics
    • Staring New Tasks, START and RETRIEVE Functions
    • Working with Date and Time, ASKTIME, CONVERTTIME, and FORMATTIME Functions
  • IX. Other CICS Functions
    • Working with Locking Component, ENQ and DEQ Functions
    • Using the ABEND Function
    • Using the ASSIGN Function
    • Linking between Java and traditional CICS applications in COBOL