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CA-Easytrieve Plus Fundamentals


Duration: 3 days

Method: Instructor led, Hands-on workshops

Price: $1650.00

Course Code: MF1050


End-users, application programmers, business analysts, and others with a need to create reports using Easytrieve Plus.


This course teaches students the basic techniques required to use CA-Easytrieve Plus, an information management and report generator tool.

A series of lab exercises will be used to reinforce the classroom education.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Define files to be processed.
  • Format a report with titles and footings.
  • Use relation logic to accept and reject records for reporting.
  • Define working storage fields.
  • Perform arithmetic calculations.
  • Move data between record fields and work areas.
  • Sort data.
  • Format numeric data for the report.
  • Define control breaks and subtotaling for reports.
  • Build and write output data files.
  • Perform table searching.
  • Use arrays in Easytrieve Plus processing.
  • Perform synchronized file processing.


TSO/ISPF, or equivalent experience. Basic MVS JCL, or equivalent experience. Previous experience in designing and coding application programs is not required, but will enhance the results of this course.


  • I.Introduction to Easytrieve Plus
    • Purpose
    • Easytrieve Environments
    • JCL Requirements
  • II.Basic Easytrieve Reporting
    • Basic Statement Syntax
    • Easytrieve Program Structure
    • Environment Section
    • Library Section
      • Defining Files
      • Defining Fields
    • Activity Section
    • Report Subactivity
  • III.Enhancing Easytrieve Reports
    • REPORT Statement Parameters
    • TITLE Statement Parameters
    • LINE Statement Parameters
    • HEADING Statement
    • SEQUENCE Statement
    • Generating Multiple Reports
    • Report Routing
    • Generating Label Reports
  • IV.Arithmetic and Conditional Processing
    • Working Storage Fields
    • Assignment Statement
    • IF Statement
    • CASE Statement
    • DO WHILE / DO UNTIL Statements
    • STOP Statement
    • GOTO Statement
    • DISPLAY Statement
    • Defining Procedures
    • PERFORM Statement
  • V.Totals, Control Reports and Summary Files
    • Creating Report Totals
    • SUM Statement
    • CONTROL Statement
    • Creating Control Reports
    • Creating and Using Summary Files
  • VI.Virtual File Manager and Sorting
    • Introduction to Virtual File Manager
    • Designating VFM-Managed Files
    • COPY Statement
    • SORT Statement
  • VII.Programmer Controlled I/O
    • Requesting Controlled I/O
    • GET Statement
    • STOP Statement
    • Defining Output Files
    • MOVE Statement
    • PUT Statement
  • VIII.Tables and Array Processing
    • Defining Instream Tables
    • Defining External Tables
    • SEARCH Statement
    • Defining Arrays
    • Accessing an Array
  • IX.Synchronized File Processing
    • Overview
    • Implementing Synchronized File Processing
    • Identifying Duplicate Records in Files