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Beginning C# Programming in .NET


Duration: 5 Days

Method: Instructor led, Hands-on workshops

Price: $2750.00

Course Code: NE2013


Programmers and managers interested in learning software development and object-oriented programming in C#.


This course covers introduction to software application development, Graphical User Interface (GUI) Design and modern Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) using C# and the .Net framework. C# is a popular .Net language with implementations available on both Windows and Linux platforms. It has the ease of use like Visual Basic, power of C++ and security and enterprise features similar to Java. Topics covered include the .Net architecture, C# language fundamentals, OOP concepts, delegates, generics, interfaces, exception handling, Common Language Runtime (CLR), GUI design, message/event driven programming, database programming using ADO.Net, assemblies, Lambda expressions and LINQ. Small practical programming examples are created to demonstrate the different C# concepts.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Understand Object-Oriented Programming in C#
  • Understand medium complexity programs
  • Create simple desktop windows applications using C#
  • Process data from files and upload to a database
  • Develop simple database driven applications with a GUI


Some exposure to programming in any programming language.


  • I. .NET Framework Introduction
    • The Common Language Runtime (CLR) and Intermediate Language (IL)
    • Multiple language integration and support
    • Visual Studio fundamentals
    • Basic concepts of windows forms, web forms, assemblies and web services.
  • II. C# Fundamentals
    • Classes, namespaces
    • Data types, value and reference types
    • Constructors, naming conventions, boxing and unboxing
    • .Net class library organization
  • III. Object-Oriented Programming in C#
    • Inheritance of classes
    • Polymorphism, overloading and overriding methods, is, as operators
    • .Net class hierarchy
    • Exception handling
    • Collections, Indexers and Enumerations
    • Generics - generic methods and classes
    • Lists, Hashtables and Dictionaries
    • Interface based software development, custom and standard interfaces.
    • Lambda expressions and LINQ.
  • IV. GUI Design with C#
    • Understanding event driven programming
    • Delegates and events
    • C# GUI classes - Labels, Text boxes and Button controls
    • Dialog controls and associated events
    • Tab order, Check boxes and Radio buttons
    • List Box, Combo Box and DataGridView controls
    • Menus and Message Routing
    • Toolbars and status bars, Tabbed dialogs, Tree controls.
  • V. Stream and File Processing
    • Stream concept in I/O, Text and binary streams
    • File and Directory classes in .Net
    • Reading writing to files
    • Processing tab and comma delimited files
  • VI. Windows Common dialogs
    • Designing modal and modeless dialogs
    • File open, save, color, print dialogs
  • VII. Database Programming using C#
    • Quick overview of SQL language
    • ADO.NET classes for database programming
    • Designing front-ends to databases, using Datagridview
    • Creating classes for commonly needed database operations.
    • Uploading comma delimited files to a database
  • VIII. Assemblies
    • Application domains and assemblies
    • Shared and private assemblies
    • Creating dlls and referencing these in the project.
  • IX. New Features in C#
    • Type inference, automatic properties
    • Anonymous methods, anonymous types
    • LINQ for objects.
  • X. Designing applications with multiple forms.
    • Creating a small application using C# with a GUI
    • Packaging and deployment of Windows applications.