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Azure for DevOps Engineers


Duration: 2 Days

Method: Hands On, Instructor-Led

Price: $1200.00

Course Code: AZ1000


Developers and DevOps engineers looking to automate their IT workflows and processes in the Azure Cloud


This course dives into Azure Portals, its core functionality and types of compute resources. It then moves in a DevOps specific focus exploring configuration management and deployment.

Learn to deploy, configure and manage Azure using Chef.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Grasp the key aspects of Cloud Operations
  • Understand Azure’s different compute models and how to operate them
  • Implement local and cloud environments, emulator and configuration settings
  • Understand Resource Manager, Virtual Networks, Load Balancing, SSL and FTP
  • Utilize Chef to automate Azure DevOps


  • I. Introduction to Cloud Operations
    • Introduction to Cloud Operations
    • Azure high level overview
    • Azure Platform: Key Components
    • Azure Portal
      • Overview
      • Launch Websites
      • Launch Cloud Services
      • Launch Virtual Machines
      • Classic vs Resource Manager
    • Azure Local Environment Setup
  • II. DevOps Fundamentals with Chef and Knife
    • Fundamentals of DevOps for Developers
    • Building Blocks of DevOps
    • Metrics and Measurement: DevOps point of view
    • Process and Technology for DevOps
    • Chef and Knife:
      • Fundamentals and Operations
      • Chef Solo
    • Azure DevOps – Deep Dive
  • III. Advanced DevOps with Hosted Chef
    • Chef and Knife: Overview
    • Chef and Knife on Azure
    • Other Azure and 3rd Party Tools and Resources for DevOps
  • IV. Security, Trust and QOS Frameworks
    • Fundamentals of Azure Cloud Security
    • Fundamentals of Azure Virtual Networks and VPN SSL, RDP and FTP Configuration on Azure