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Advanced CSS3 Development


Duration: 3 Days

Method: Instructor led, Hands-on workshops

Price: $1650.00

Course Code: HT1040


Web Developers who know HTML/XHTML and CSS looking to expand their knowledge


The Advanced CSS training course is designed to teach students with a foundational understanding of CSS selectors and syntax to write stronger, more interactive code.

The Advanced CSS course will build on basic CSS skills, and introduce a new set of powerful front-end development tools. The course transitions into an in-depth breakdown all of the new CSS3 modules, and concludes with an overview of CSS frameworks.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Cascading Style Sheets (review)
  • CSS3 Basics (review)
  • Advanced Selectors
  • Adding Interactivity Without JavaScript
  • Responsive Design
  • Some CSS Frameworks Basics


This course assumes prior CSS knowledge. If you are new to CSS, we recommend beginning with the Introduction to CSS course.


  • I. CSS2 Review
    • CSS Syntax
    • Element Positioning
    • Box Model
  • II. CSS3 Introduction
    • Introduction to CSS3
    • Benefits for Mobile Design
    • Compatibility with Browsers and Devices
    • Testing with Chrome and Firefox
  • III. CSS Advanced Selectors
    • Child
    • Sibling
    • Nth
    • Of Type
    • Adjacent
    • Attribute
  • IV. Background Properties
    • Background Image (Using more than one image)
    • Gradients
  • V. Color Properties
    • Introducing the Alpha Value
    • RGB Format
    • RGBA Format
    • HSL Format
    • HSLA Format
    • Border Properties
    • Border Radius
    • Border Image
  • VI. Font Properties
    • @font-face
    • Google Web Fonts
    • Shadow Properties
    • Text Shadow
    • Box Shadow
  • VII. Forms
    • Overview of HTML5 Forms
    • Styling Forms with CSS
    • Validating Forms with CSS
  • VIII. Responsive Design
    • Introduction to Responsive Design
    • Introduction to Mobile First Concept
    • Flexible Grids
    • Flexible Units
    • Media Queries
  • IX. Interactivity with CSS3
    • Transitions
    • Transforms
    • 2D and 3D
    • Animations
  • X. Overview of CSS Frameworks
    • Twitter Bootstrap
    • LESS