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AWS for Developers


Duration: 2 Days

Method: Hands On, Instructor-Led

Price: $1200.00

Course Code: AW1000


Developers who are required to deploy applications to Amazon Web Services (AWS).


This course begins with a simple setup of an application. You will then proceed to walk through a complete software development lifecycle, including pushing a “production ready” app to AWS. It concludes with an examination of a client-specific case study.


  • I. Overview / Review of AWS
  • II. Developing with AWS
    • Software development lifecycle
    • SDKS
    • Tools
    • Integrations
    • Gotchas and best practices
    • A simple “Hello World” application
  • III. SDK Recipes for AWS Infrastructure Components
    • Overview of AWS infrastructure components
    • Relating AWS infrastructure components to Intuit infrastructure
    • Recipes for: Storage, Compute, Network, Management, CRUD, and other Intuit adopted components
    • Best practices
    • Gotchas
  • IV. SDK Recipes for AWS App Components
    • Overview of AWS app components
    • Relating AWS app components to Intuit
    • Recipes for: Database, deployment, app services, CRUD, and other Intuit adopted components
    • Best practices
    • Gotchas
  • V. Tying it all together – Customer Case Study