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ASP.Net MVC Core - Level 1


Duration: 5.0 days

Method: Instructor led, Hands-on workshops

Price: $2450.00

Course Code: NE2211


Individuals wanting to gain a good understanding of developing web applications under ASP.Net MVC, MVC Core and Razor Pages.


This course introduces the new ASP.Net Core web development platform. The ASP.Net Core MVC framework is an open source, lightweight and portable platform that can be used to develop applications on different operating systems. The course starts with a review of the traditional ASP.Net MVC framework and explains its architecture by first creating simple MVC applications and contrasting them to standard web forms applications. The key improvements in MVC Core such as the ability to self host, side by side versioning, single aligned stack for WebApi and MVC, and simplified web development are clarified through simple examples. Then, Proper design of MVC Core applications with model binding, and Entity framework based data tier are covered. The second part of the course introduces the Razor pages architecture and explains its design by contrasting it with the MVC architecture. Other topics covered include handling session state, creating role based security infrastructure under MVC, and using popular design patterns with MVC. Finally, a design of a sample Core Web application is carried out.


Some knowledge of C# language and web development.


  • I. MVC Fundamentals
    • Understanding URL routing in ASP.Net MVC.
    • How Models, Views and Controllers are used in an ASP.Net application
    • Understanding Actions, Action Results and ViewData
    • Designing a simple MVC application
  • II. Introduction to ASP.Net Core
    • Creating simple ASP.Net web application
    • Self hosting vs hosting in IIS
    • Support for using NuGet packages
  • III. Model Binding in ASP.Net MVC Core
    • Concepts of model binding and communication the model to a view
    • Introduction to the Razor view engine
    • Communicating multiple model objects with a view
    • Strongly typed views
  • IV. Validation Under ASP.Net MVC Core
    • Using data annotations for validation
    • Creating custom validation attributes
  • V. Partial Views in MVC Core
    • Creating partial views for UI reusability in MVC
    • Creating Html helpers
  • VI. Introduction to Core Razor Pages
    • Fundamental concepts of Core Razor pages, Razor page architecture, model binding in Razor pages
    • Comparing MVC architecture to Razor page architecture
  • VII. Using Core Entity Framework with Razor Pages
    • Review of Lambda Expressions and LINQ. LINQ to Objects, LINQ to Entities, Entity framework under the Core framework
    • Using database first approach with Entity framework
  • VIII. Security in ASP.Net MVC Core and Razor Pages
    • Basic security in ASP.Net views
    • Implementing Role based security in MVC Core
  • IX. Design of a an MVC Core Application and its Comparison to Core Razor Pages Application