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Duration: 5 Days

Method: Instructor led, Hands-on workshops

Price: $2750.00

Course Code: NE2205


Individuals wanting to gain a good understanding of developing web applications under ASP.Net MVC.


This course covers the new popular ASP.Net MVC 5 web development technology. The course introduces the ASP.Net MVC framework and explains its architecture by first creating simple MVC applications and contrasting them to standard web forms applications. Since MVC relies on Lambda expressions and LINQ, some background on LINQ is also presented. Then, Proper design of MVC applications with model binding, and LINQ based data tier are covered. Advanced issues such as model state serialization to hidden fields, handling session state, creating role based security infrastructure under MVC, and using popular design patterns with MVC are described. Testing of MVC applications is also carried out. Use of mock frameworks and fake classes in testing different layers and session state are presented. Finally, complete design of a sample Ecommerce application and its testing is carried out.


Some background in web development using ASP.Net and some knowledge of C# language.


  • I. MVC Fundamentals
    • Understanding URL routing in ASP.Net MVC
    • How Models, Views and Controllers are used in an ASP.Net application
    • Understanding Actions, Action Results and ViewData
    • Designing a simple MVC application
  • II. Model Binding in ASP.Net MVC
    • Concepts of model binding and communication the model to a view
    • Introduction to the Razor view engine
    • Communicating multiple model objects with a view
    • Strongly typed views
  • III. Lambda Expressions and LINQ.
    • LINQ to Objects
    • LINQ to Entities
    • Entity framework
  • IV. Validation under ASP.Net MVC
    • Using data annotations for validation
    • Creating custom validation attributes
  • V. Partial Views
    • Creating partial views for UI reusability in MVC
    • Creating Html helpers
  • VI. MVC Contrib Library Controls
    • Using MVC grid from the MVC contrib library
    • Paging, sorting and searching of grid data
  • VII. Security in ASP.Net MVC
    • Basic security in ASP.Net views
    • Implementing Role based security in MVC
  • VIII. Testing of ASP.Net MVC Applications
    • Creating Unit tests for Controllers
    • Testing of Sessions and Role Based security through Mock objects
    • Using fake classes in testing of session state
  • IX. AJAX in ASP.Net MVC Applications
    • JQuery fundamentals and its use in ASP.Net MVC
    • Using Jquery’s AJAX stack and plugins
    • Using the AjaxHelper to get and post data asynchronously
  • X. Design of a Complete MVC Application Including its Test Development