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ASP.Net Core - Level 2


Duration: 5 Days

Method: Instructor Led, Hands-on Workshops

Price: $2450.00

Course Code: NE2212


Individuals wanting to gain a good understanding of developing complete web applications under ASP.Net Core MVC and Razor Pages.


This course provides an intermediate level of web application development using ASP.Net Core MVC and Core Razor pages. It is a continuation of the ASP.Net Core Level 1 course. The course starts out with a quick overview of the MVC basics of model binding, Razor syntax, partial views, and error handling. It then proceeds to more involved concepts of ASP.Net core including concept of services and dependency injection. The emphasis in this course is on putting together web applications using proper architectural design patterns under the MVC Core and Razor pages frameworks. The web sites designed demonstrate using both SQL based and entity framework based data repositories, dependency injection, proper error logging, role based security implementation using the Identity framework, and ajax form processing.


Some background in web development using ASP.Net or some MVC background and Knowledge of C# language.


  • I. Review of MVC Fundamentals
    • Routes in MVC, URL routing in ASP.Net MVC, models, views and controllers, using data annotations for validation
    • Data communication between a controller and a view, view models, strongly typed views, controlling presentation in a view through Razor, model binding to different UI elements such as radio buttons, check boxes and list boxes
  • II. MVC Core Fundamental Concepts
    • Data communication between pages
    • Razor pages fundamentals, page handlers, route parameters
    • Creating pages with complex views
  • III. Service Injection in MVC Core and Razor Pages
    • Creating and registering services with Singleton, Transient and Scoped capabilities
    • Using SQL repositories and Entity framework in pages
    • Concept of Service layer for injecting services into pages
  • IV. Session Management and Cookie Management in Core
    • Creating Session and Cookie Facades
    • Creating Wizards with MVC Core
    • Different techniques for creating wizard steps in MVC including TempData, hidden fields, cookies and session objects
  • V. Ajax and Partial Views in MVC Core
    • Concept of partial views, serializing partial views, using Ajax forms, client-side ajax using JQuery
    • Communication with RESTful services using Web Api
  • VI. Using Library Controls
    • Using MVC grid from the MVC contrib library
    • Paging, sorting and searching of grid data
  • VII. Security and Error Handling in ASP.Net MVC
    • Implementing Role based security using the Identity framework in Core pages
    • Managing users and their roles
    • Error handling and logging
  • VIII. Creating web Applications with Proper Layered Architecture
    • Design of proper loosely coupled layered architecture
    • Data, Business, Service and UI layers
    • Using Bridge, Adapter, Factory design patterns. Defining interfaces for each layer, providing loose coupling by dependency injection