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Want job performance improved immediately?

As IT training coordinator, manager, or student, you trust your future
to those who do your training. We understand that. That's why our
personalized services help you work smarter and save money.

Private Training

Nothing comes closer than our on site training program when Themis instructors come to your workplace. They teach; the students learn. And then the students apply what they learn right there on the job. Immediately.

Using your own training facility gives you an environment built to your specifications to best support your needs, with your software and support team in place, all under your control. Learn More

Public Training

Themis schedules dozens of classes all around the country for anyone who needs training on a particular topic. We also have distance learning on our public schedule, allowing students to attend no matter where they are.

This option is great when you have just a few members of your staff who need some training - not enough to justify bringing a class on site. It also provides the ability to obtain training without having to schedule and set up a training room at your facility. Learn More

Distance Learning

Improvements in tools that support live, instructor-led training over a web connection have made distance learning (aka virtual training) a very popular option in recent years.

You get the same high quality instruction as in a physical classroom without the cost and time commitment incurred with travel. Students can ask questions in real time, see live demonstrations by the instructor, and get help during lab exercises using our virtual classroom. Learn More

Immersion Training

Also known as "Boot Camps" - Themis has created many different extended programs to allow your group to come up to speed on a chosen technology area. This is a very effective way to bring a team into a technology area.

We have delivered numerous iterations of programs targeting mainframe developers, distributed application developers, database administrators, even system administrators, and more. Learn More

Short Notice Training

With our extensive network of proven training professionals, we are often able to make a class happen even when your training needs have caused you to have a very short time horizon.

Give us one week or less, and we'll arrange and conduct your training. It's for those critical, project-driven IT challenges requiring immediate skill enhancement.

Savings Plan

Many of the students who have experienced Themis training have asked us if there is a lower cost way to receive a lot more training in the coming year. We have responded with the Themis Savings Card.

Themis offers others ways to save money as well, including volume enrollment, enrolling multiple students, and prepayment for a block of seats in a public class. There is also the hosting options mentioned above. Learn More

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We are pleased to announce that effective July 1st, ProTech Training and Themis Education will join forces to become one of the industry's strongest Enterprise IT Training companies. Please click the button below to be redirected or visit our site at ProTechTraining.com.

Contact Information
Themis technical support for classes: themissupport@themisinc.com
ProTech technical support for classes: virtualsupport@protechtraining.com
ProTech/Themis voice: 1 (800) 373-9188 or 412-810-8855
All general inquiries: info@protechtraining.com